Barge Party host on BTL Thursday

Matt Westerhold
Apr 18, 2014


Sandusky Bay Barge Party organizer Shaun Bickley was our guest at noon Thursday on “Between the Lines Live” at  .

Bickley delighted countless thousands this week when he announced the ever-popular barge party would return this summer, following last year’s hiatus. The barge party is July 12.

Watch the program in the player below


looking around

All I got was an error to play video? Anyone else see it?


Video would not play during interview and still won't play.

Stop It

That tandem media livestream player is junk. This time it won't even work on IE or safari. Why don't you guys just use YouTube? It ALWAYS worx.

Licorice Schtick

It's all about infosuck and you computer is the target. When you block their tracking cookies and intrusive and third-party scripts their stuff won't work. Not worth it.

Stop It

I totally agree, Licorice Schtick. If I have to have my privacy invaded to watch something, I choose no.


looking around

Hey it worked that time! Fun interview, enjoyed it but, the one big question that everyone speaks of that was not addressed is about the quality of water surrounding the event in progress. Has the health department weighed in on this topic? People are in the water all day and at times eating food with hands that have also been in the water.

I enjoy the event myself, however I'm wondering if it's not better to stay aboard the boat. If the health department says these concerns are unwarranted I'm jumping in!


I'm sure the water is full of fecal matter and urine! I went to one, only one! The water was disgusting! There actually was an area that some boaters called the "relief zone"! When we heard that, we made our way out. Very gross!

Erie Countian

Heard on the news that the city of Portland, Oregon is draining an entire reservoir of millions of gallons of water because just ONE idiot peed in the reservoir. That may be overkill on Portland's part, but it makes me sick to think of the concentrated amount of urine in Sandusky Bay that has previously and will again be going into our city's water intake from this trashy barge party event. Ick.


It was a fun interview. Glad to see the focus on safety.

Jason Werling

Where do all the fish and birds relieve themselves while swimming and flying around the lake on a daily basis?

I'm not advocating for people relieving themselves while partying in close proximity, but a couple thousand people on one day in July aren't the only ones leaving their urinal footprint in our waterways.

looking around

Jason we are talking about a very concentrated area over a small time period with volumes that far and exceed what small inhabitants that we share the lake with disperse over thousands of square miles. I've never seen any port-o-pottys on location have you? Why not ask the experts and then report on it for us. Why not this year ask the authorities to take some samples at various times throughout the event and give us the details? Why do you think public pools are tested? The pools even have filtration systems and chemicals to take care of this, case in point the swim up bars on Put-In-Bay which I will not get into on a busy weekend day......

Erie Countian

Of course I get that, Jason. But I don't understand why they are not required to provide Porta-Potties out there on the sandbar if they know so many people will be relieving themselves in the lake in one concentrated area due to no facilities? If this was an event on land, I'm sure potties would be provided, perhaps even required!

Jason Werling

I was just bringing it up, not really trying to argue either way. I have been out there for the party once and elected to stay on the boat for most of our time out there and enjoy it from there.

I'm not sure how popular a porta-potty would be, but I'm sure there are plenty of boats out there that have bathrooms on them and hopefully this conversation would spark a few of the barge party visitors to use their boat bathrooms before venturing into the bay of people. 


Unfortunately, what you miss is that it's not the sort of event that attracts or fosters that level of consideration.

looking around

Incidentally water quality is tested at various swim areas around the Lake and it is posted publicly if the water is safe for swimmers. These tests are done at various times, certainly these tests have not been conducted at the sandbar during an event of this magnitude.


No, they haven't. Go check out the reports online - the sandbar is not listed.

Steve P

What could possibly go wrong, poor if any sanitation, large number of people on a crowed barge and boats with heavy drinking, ran by a family well known by law enforcement for bending the rules. What could supply more fun than human waste and intoxication..

Erie Countian

Also, I don't really understand why the Register provides a forum for Mr. Bickley, who has been in trouble with the law before regarding underage drinking parties at his own home involving his own children, and also with his underage son serving drinks at the barge party. If Bickley and his party animal friends want to have their disgusting drinking binge/boater party and swim around in pee and poo and then proceed to pilot their boats home while drunk, I guess it can't be stopped. But I can do without the Register promoting it!


Like they say when one goes to Mexico---Don't drink the water".

Wouldn't ya like to wipe that cocky smirk off his face.

Shoreline Contractors? No wonder he gets out of trouble easily. It's not who ya know it's who ya bl..

He's always trying to pull fast ones on the boaters with boathouse behind his business on Meigs Street--trying to cut of access to there properties. I can here his wind turbine on Third Street or is that his hot air I here?

Stop It

Don't get out of the boat and enjoy. A one gallon jug with a big hole cut opposite the handle makes for a good urinal and you can flush it in the lake. lol..


Jason, fish excrete solid waste which the aquatic environment has spent millions of years adapting to handle. Same for the birds.

Furthermore, fish and birds do not produce cigarette butts. Smokers who view the entire world as their personal ashtray epitomize the degeneracy that characterizes this event.


Deathntaxes you have no idea what you're talking about. The boathouses have their own access road. Bickley would give you shirt off his back. The billman boat house people are cry babies. Every time bickley improves his property those guys call the city to complain. Apparently they have nothing better to do. And as far as the wind turbine you should probably climb to the top and jump off and put yourself out of your own misery.