Attorney General candidate on ‘BTL Live’

Matt Westerhold
Apr 10, 2014


David Pepper, the presumptive Democratic nominee who will face off against Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in the November General Election, was our guest today. Pepper plans to talk about a five-point plan for battling Ohio’s heroin epidemic, which includes a multi-agency approach that treats heroin use as a public health crisis and tracks its effects in real time.
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Pepper said if elected, he will work to drive down demand by supporting evidence-based prevention programs, targeting opioid oversupply and pushing for far more treatment capacity in every corner of Ohio — including within the criminal justice system.

“DeWine’s response has only come recently,” Pepper said during a news conference Tuesday, saying the “heroin unit” DeWine created has a mission that is poorly defined and unclear, and whose $1 million will accomplish very little. 


Stop It

Mr. Pepper, will you add some "meat" to AG DeWine's seeking out corruption in LE? He made a start, will you continue the effort with more substance and effect?


What would you do about the lawsuit against the Obama administration trying to force it to prevent Asian carp from ruining Lake Erie?


Mr. Pepper, do you feel that the state has enough resources and power to oversee local law enforcement agencies? If not, what will you do to hold local law enforcement agencies accountable? It seems that former Attorney General's preferred protecting local law enforcement over admitting and then solving a problem.
-Brady Gasser of Cleveland

Jakes Dad

Mr.Pepper The selection process violation detailed in Donahue's court motion is designed to protect the rights granted in the U.S. Constitutional guarantee is intended the public's confidence in the Fair Administration of Justice. Anytime the guarantee is not honored, there is a risk that public confidence will erode. Do you agree with this statement?

If you had knowledge of one of your office performing Bad polygraph test's would you do an open and transparent investigation into the matter to make sure that public confidences will not erode?
If elected how would you handle a coroner not changing a death certificate after YOUR office found it to an accident?? That the family had to spend their life savings and numerous hours putting up signs in order to get justice that their son did not kill himself and were justified in challenging the LE?


How would you handle a county ( that makes a lot of " mistakes" ) that has 8 or 9 families desperately needing help with open and transparent investigation into their love ones death? Besides side stepping and holding news conferences that families have no clue about until 2.5 hours beforehand and reading it in a paper it is happening.That these families are " witch hunting" and are insulted time and time again by public " official's ". Is the AG part of the solution or problem if this occurs?


Would you have joined the federal lawsuit challenging Obamacare?


Mr. Pepper, Is it true that "A.G." stands for "Aspiring Governor"?