State of the Sandusky City Schools

Jason Werling
Mar 27, 2014


Administrators at Sandusky Schools presented their “Transformation Plan,” a complete overhaul of the district’s day-to-day operations.

Superintendent Eugene Sanders unveiled the plan’s particulars in his “State of the Schools” address at Castaway Bay, during a Sandusky Rotary Club meeting.

See more photos from the program HERE

The Register streamed the speech at Managing editor Matt Westerhold then hosted a “Between the Lines” segment with school officials following the address.

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Get over it donut.......seriously! Who cares that they gave people an incentive to show up to an event that showcased all of the great things gong on in their district right now! How many free cups of coffee have you accepted over the years at the shop? Keeps you coming back doesn't it? Incentives are used constantly in our world! Doesn't make it a bad thing! Please try to get off the sinicism train and try to focus on the have an entire district working their tails off to get rid of the negative preconceived notions that people in our area have had about Sandusky City Schools for years. They are doing things to be on the cutting edge of public education while setting themselves up to be way ahead of other local districts. So please get over your stale jokes about giving a TV away and give the district the credit they deserve for doing what is best for the students, their school, and their community.


This is what dumnuts do when it comes to shs. They believe their entitled kids are to good so they went to Perkins but he/she still will attack any student or person that has anything to do with shs. What's crazy they say their not from the city or Perkins but hate shs with a passion. I don't get why somebody who has so much gives a damn about kids they hate so much.


Thank you so much for saying that santown and slacker!


You guys don't get it. My comments if you read them are not directed at the kids or the school.

It directed at the use of gifts to have parents do what they should be doing . Participating in their child's education. It's a sad state our educational system has had to go to such depths to entice parents to be parents.


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Will this be anything like the transformation in Cleveland under his leadership? I don't recall great things happening there.


We'll see, but at the very least, give him a chance.

44870 South

I am very excited about the direction Sandusky City Schools is heading. Dr. Sanders and Mr. Danhoff make a great team and they exemplify the type of leadership that Sandusky was needing for a long time. I am interested to learn more as the details of this plan unfold. As parents, my wife and I are very happy that our child goes to Sandusky. At first we were apprehensive because of the negative comments from other people...mainly people who in Perkins, which is where I am from. However, now we see that Sandusky is totally the opposite of what we were hearing. Yes there are problems here and there, just as there are in every district. However, the teachers are incredible, the kids are friendly, and the culture of the school is rich with diversity. Our child will indeed thrive, partly because we are good, responsible parents. No regrets here...Good job Sandusky! Go Blue!



The new Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies was another great move on the part of Sandusky. No other school in this entire area, private or public, provides full-time gifted services to their students. There are some students who have met the State standards for gifted that are open enrolled in this school from Perkins, Huron, and Margaretta.

Great job Sandusky on the successful implementation of this incredible school!

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The Hero Zone

This was a refreshing presentation that I hope invigorates the community and draws in even more positivism and ideas to continue the growth and improvement of the schools. WE have to be the ones to do it. Dr. Sanders and the others are very important facilitators and directors, but they can't do it without us! Every bit of input, every meeting attended, every suggestion left in a box (electronic or otherwise) is one more push to keep the immense momentum of the train surging forward.


Did they let on to how much they will be asking for in May for the levy to build new schools?

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Alissa Widman Neese

Doppleganger, the May levy is a five-year renewal for operating expenses, which cannot be used for buildings. It's 3.275 mills and costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $100 a year. That amount wouldn't increase if it's approved.


Thanks for the info.

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Alissa Widman Neese

You're welcome!


It's just a renewal levy, no more money..... Vote yes!


If it is a renewal I will vote yes. If it is any new money, I can't afford it and will vote no.


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★oh balogna! There was NOTHING profane, NOTHING obscene, NOTHING derogatory; and if "hot" is sexual, my apologies!

★It was a compliment to one of the gentlemen on the panel. Good grief.


It's just a renewal, dopple. Vote yes!


OK, got it. Thanks.