Mylander guests on Between the Lines

Matt Westerhold
Mar 22, 2014


Former Sandusky mayor, philanthropist and elder statesman George Mylander was our guest on “Between the Lines Live” at 3 p.m.
The program was broadcast from Berardi’s Family Kitchen in Sandusky.

Watch in the player below



What's the topic?

Jason Werling

Mr. Mylander talked about his time with Sandusky City Schools and the city of Sandusky and what his biggest acheivement was so far in his life. Be sure to catch the last five minutes of the interview.

George speaks from the heart about what has motivated him during his 81 years in Sandusky.


Thank you for all you have done. Matt excellent job with this interview. I bet there are a lot of stories like this one in which there is plenty of local interest. Really great stories..
Again, thanks to George and his work ethic.


Sadly, we have lost the compassionate care that existed when we had Providence Hospital. Many people worked on the Providence-Memorial initiative only to see Mylander destroy that 1967 effort, take over Good Samaritan and then eliminate the Christian based hospital and its heritage. For great Health care today, it's the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals in Cleveland or St Vincent in Toledo.