Happy Pi(e) Day on Between the Lines

Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 14, 2014


A pie in the face for our host Matt Westerhold. You liked us on Facebook so during today's program he got a pie in the face. Berardi's Family Kitchen is the local place to go for pie and National Pi (3.14) Day is today 3/14.

At noon today — National Pi Day — Miss America 1963 Jackie Mayer and Miss Vacationland 2014 Hannah-Jo Weisberg will join the show, with plans to apply a pie to host Matt Westerhold.

Watch the program in the player below

Next week, March 21, from Berardi's Family Kitchen in Sandusky at 3 p.m. former Sandusky Schools principal and city commissioner George Mylander is the special guest. “Between the Lines” is live at sanduskyregister.com  , with previous shows available for demand viewing.


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The Hero Zone

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

Hopefully you are having fun measuring the circumference and area of the circles around you. For an interesting take on pi as only the Internet can provide, there is a funny/quirky video on The Nerdist (I'd give it a "PG-13" as a heads up, parents/teachers, so watch it first and judge for yourself): http://youtu.be/BDMBtQjS1bQ

Also, fellow nerds, don't forget to mark your calendars for Mole Day!

In a somewhat less scientific sense there is also TLAP Day.