DeWine was our guest today on 'Between the Lines'

Mar 13, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took questions about the apparent failure that occurred in following the requirements of state law during the selection process for the Limberios grand jury in October. 

Some of the questions that will be asked are included in an email request to DeWine's office for a broader response to a variety of questions raised by area families who have alleged wrongdoing in police investigations involving their loved-ones. 

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Below are the broader questions provided to the AG's office this morning.

1. What options for taking action, and what action will the Ohio AG's office take to address this failure to observe the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code in selecting the grand jury? What immediate steps will be taken, and what potential long-term objectives do you see as now being necessary?

2. Will the Ohio Attorney General's office seek a new grand jury to present the evidence it gathered, and if so, will the three individuals who witnessed his death be called to testify? Why weren't these individuals — the only eyewitnesses —called to testify before the apparently 'faux' grand jury? Does the fact all three individuals failed polygraph tests have bearing on that decision? Please also explain how key parts of statements made by these witnesses appear to be accepted as accurate despite the obvious concerns established that statements by each, overall, is likely unreliable? 

3. During the 'faux' grand jury proceedings, and after, contact was made between a member of the public and the AG's office and BCI, with the resident expressing concerns that at least one grand juror was believed to have an established business and personal relationship with key members of the local law enforcement community. Was that shown to be true? Who from the sheriff's office served the summons on that individual, and was the nature of this alleged relationship between the juror and officials reviewed at any time during the selection process, the investigation or after the investigation? Was there any other contact from any members of the public with the AG's office or BCI expressing concern the grand jury and its proceedings were tainted, or otherwise compromised, in any fashion?

4. Given the special nature of this grand jury, what conflicts exist for both the Sandusky County sheriff's and clerk's offices in carrying out the public responsibilities of their respective offices given the familial relationships that exist between the sheriff, his lead commender and the courts clerk. Also, what potential conflicts exist with the AG's office in its dual roles as both criminal prosecutor investigating allegations of wrongdoing by local officials and acting as defense counsel for those same officials? Is this the same conflict that prompted Judge Dale Crawford to remove attorney Dean Henry from this investigation and appoint the AG's office? Why, or why not? What are the potential remedies to these apparent conflicts? 

5. Given the concerns raised by the Limberios family, the family of Bryan Jones, of Lee Naus, of the Burdines, the Fegleys, the Vittes, the family of Isabel Cordle, the family of the sexually exploited jail inmate your office investigated, and the families of others who have alleged wrongdoing by public officials, does a pattern of abuse, dysfunctionality or lawlessness exist? Why, or why not, and what, precisely, would you tell members of these families and their supporters to disabuse them of these very serious contentions they have expressed to you and your staff?  

6. Is the AG's office considering potential criminal charges within the scope of its investigation of the death of Craig Burdine? Will the results of this investigation be presented to a grand jury? What consideration and what options does the AG's office have in impaneling a grand jury given the apparent violations that occurred in this process? Have you reviewed whether the special grand jury in Sandusky County conducted by the Ohio AG in 2012 reviewing the sexual exploitation of an inmate at the Sandusky County jail was properly constituted? If so, what was the finding of that review? If not, does the office intend to look at that to assure that grand jury was properly convened. 



Glad he us on the show love to hear him answer sone good questions. Wonder how many he will dodge.


Thanks for keeping pressure on him because he works for US. Please fire Ricky Vitte.


Since I know his office has personally been notified about the Vitte case, has there been any investigation into why there have been no charges? The case was reopened by the prosecutor's office, the Highway Patrol is aware of this as well, why is Vitte still working full duty? What are his thoughts on "teaching" a child to masturbate? Would he be willing to look into this case and help the Sandusky County prosecutor, since there seems to be some difficulty with charges and removing this individual from his position of power, that he has in the past and probably still does abuse.


I missed the Grand Jury story. What was wrong with the Grand Jury?


Mr. DeWine ran on protecting Ohio Families & Corruption, Since he has investigated a few cases out of Sandusky County his office has not seen any wrong doings from any of the officials? The continued speech to the Limberios family was your office was not here to investigate Sandusky County. WHY?

Your office filed an ethic complaint against Dean Henry, he was the "special prosecutor" in the Limberios case and represented Dr. Wukie in the civil case. What were those charges? What was the outcome?

Your the highest authority in Ohio why did you not order that Jake's death certificate be changed or order the judge to change it? Do you think it is fair that Jake's daughter Ella still has her daddy's death certificate saying suicide and YOUR office claims it was accidental?
Did your office investigate the BCI out of Bowling Green who submitted the polygraphs that were fixed to show that the witnesses passed when a much more qualified professional's said that those two FAILED those test? Then they went on a national Tv show and FAILED. You don't find it uncomfortable situation that ALL 3 present when Jake died failed the polygraphs that at least 1 or 2 would pass if they were telling the truth? I understand they are not permitted in court ( except for a grand jury ) but, they are very telling since ALL 3 failed.

Lastly, the Limberios family has always asked for an open and transparent investigation into their son death. Why would your office or any judge order for things to be put under sealed? What is being hid?

Mr. Dewine I know your gonna find the same exact thing as your office has in the other cases you investigated out of Sandusky County with the Burdine case. It is already being set up with NOT returning Mr. Burdine phone calls, He is an 80 year old man who served his country and just wants justice for Craig and what clearly happened to his son. Mr. Burdine fought for your rights and mine and not standing up and doing what is right in his son killing is plain wrong! Your office spends all these months dragging these families along on an emotional roller coaster to come back to say there was too much destroyed or not collected or to much time has passed. BS. Man up and INVESTIGATE SANDUSKY COUNTY!! You have too many cases coming out of Sandusky County not too. DO you feel ALL these cases & mishaps are coincidence? It will be political devastation if you do not step up and do what is right!

Are these examples of how we want our children and society to have of how justice system works? That sexual abuse of a child is excused away, to bully and harm the mentally ill, excuses to kill another human being, to not be held accountable for your actions, to a coroner has the last word regardless, that a county can be ran by numerous family members, the lessons being taught are endless and NOT good. People in an authority position are above the law? If there is nothing to hide why keep everything a secret or covered up? Do an OPEN & Transparent Investigation into Sandusky County! These families and children deserve that Mr. DeWine!


sniff sniff sniff, boohoo


Well said mamaC.


Ask DeWine if he feels comfortable with the fact that a county coroner (Wukie) can completely ignore his office's conclusion in the Limberios death investigation.

Also for DeWine: does he feel that current law regarding coroners and their duties are adequate?


Mike DeWine announced that he is in support of the Ohio Elder Justice Act, that aims to improve response to elder abuse and encourage reporting of elder abuse. He said on February 21, 2013, that "we need to do everything we can to protect our senior citizens from financial harm."

Ottawa County has a current senior exploitation case pending, where an 82 year old woman was bilked out of more than $200,000. The woman reported the theft in November of 2012, yet the local prosecutor has not spoken to or interviewed the victim and refuses to answer her calls, in 18 months. This seems to be the direct opposite of what is being suggested in Ohio Bill 49, trying to improve response to elder abuse.

Is Mike DeWine aware of this case, if so will his office be stepping in, to expedite charges, and or, offer prosecutors who have experience in elder exploitation?

Should the age of the victim add precedence to this case?

Does Mr. DeWine feel that the lack of charges in a year and a half, may keep others from reporting senior exploitation in the future?

Julie R.

I think I'll send DeWine copies of all the records I have just to show him how easy corrupt Erie County makes it for attorneys and other trash to criminally defraud the elderly. He can see for himself how the county public officials actually assist in it.


What is the procedure under Ohio law for obtaining a public corruption criminal investigation (not an ethical investigation) into county level public officials such as sheriff, coroner, prosecutor or common pleas court judge?

What is the procedure under Ohio law for obtaining an unbiased and objective criminal investigation of a law enforcement officer such as a deputy, police officer or Highway Patrol officer?

Does he believe that Ohio's lack of a state wide police force with jurisdiction to investigate claims of public corruption or malfeasance in office combined with Ohio's strong home rule are liabilities or assets to good government and integrity in office?

If enough citizens express frustration with his office's investigations into Sandusky County officials and the Lucas County Coroner's Office would he consider referring cases to the USDOJ and or FBI for review?

What are his office's official misconduct standards and procedures for disciplining legal professionals and law enforcement officers with evidence of drug dependency such as alcoholism? Does his office routinely drug and alcohol test staff?

Julie R.

Excellent questions. Were they answered?


No. In fact he lied about not being able to come into a county unless asked by local authorities. Under RC 177.02 and RC 177.03 the Ohio Organized Crimes Investigation Commission (a subdivision of his office), his office has the authority upon complaint by any citizen to investigate public corruption in a given county and to appoint a special prosecutor if the county prosecutor is implicated.

IMO DeWine is a weasel. While US Senator he, with Voinovich, assisted in blocking and undermining a USDOJ Public Integrity section directed federal public corruption investigation of this area of Ohio.


I had the dubious pleasure of a brief meeting with Mr. DeWine when he was a Senator. My impression? Typical politician. And those of you who know me at all know that that's just about the worst epithet I can use to describe ANYbody!


Why is the venue not moved when there is a conflict of interest in Sandusky County?

How do the Victims know ALL the evidence is being presented is accurate?


Clearly in the Burdine case there was perjury, why was there no charge's filed against those people?


If you or one of your buddies have something to hide, you blame and hate Westerhold.
If you appreciate good journalism, you have nothing to say but go man GO!


OK so it is very obvious that someone needed to be protected in the Limberios case. What connections to LE and county officials did the people who witnessed the Limberios "suicide" have? A flow chart of connections would be very revealing I'm sure, but probably next to impossible to put together. I would speculate that someone must be working on a future book about crooked Sandco.
suggested title: Nothing To See Here, Move Along Yesterday!


Can anyone tell me why stun guns were not used on Jones?
What was the end game with that approach?
Seems they really were itching to play with their guns on that one.

Julie R.



I heard mike DeWine avoid alot of the questions and repeat himself. He says court has to tell him if something wrong with jury tampering or other stuff but if they part of the problem no they will not tell. Wake up DeWine or are you part of the problem. you were voted in cause you said you wanted to end corruption. Well do your job. Yes lots of countys have corruption but for us right here Sandusky county is really bad. Yes love to see the end of corruption in every county but lets start in Sandusky county.


He (DeWine) aggravated me by saying it doesn't matter! What authority professional in that position continue to say it doesn't matter? He has to be invited in by the police to investigate. Ok what corrupted official is going to say please come in and investigate me and my family? Really? DeWine needs to get his head out of the clouds and do something instead of the same excuses!


He's lying about having to be asked by authorities to come into a county and investigate alleged public corruption. A subdivision of his office the OOCIC has authority under RC 177.02 and RC 177.03 upon complaint of any citizen to establish a task force including a special prosecutor to investigate a county or counties where public corruption and the involvement of sheriff or prosecutor is alleged in a given county or counties.


Dean Henry is available I am sure! Lol..


So true mamaC. Just says he is afraid to do the job he was elected to do. Maybe he corrupt to like Sandusky county.


I remember reading a story my brother send me in the SR about a Kyle or Keith Obermeyer and the AG cracking some HUGE drug bust. Is that Sandusky County? Isn't the AG really big on drugs in Ohio? if so, why would he go after the very man he felt helped him take down drug people?


After listening to this tape, the AG sounds frustrated and more than a little upset with the phone call. I don't think he liked being questioned about any of this, especially the Limberios case. Why is that? Something doesn't sound right, like he feels threatened in some way. I got the impression it was like "Listen, Matt, you got your answer, now let me alone. Take your answser and shut the h--- up about it". What's that about? He sure didn't want to talk about the rest and he was not happy about the other "8" cases: like he could not believe there were that many. He even made comment about spending way too much time around these parts.

Something doesn't smell right. Like so much dead fish. I think this needs more than the AG of Ohio. Any one thought of contacting the FBI?


The FBI (official misconduct/civil rights division) and USDOJ (Public integrity, criminal civil rights division) in DC would need to get involved as the local FBI and US Attorney's office is too cozy IMO with Ohio LEO's.


thanks for answering that. What about the other matter? Am I mistaken about the AG having an ongoing relationship with this sheriff and a "drug taskforce" or was that some other sheriff in another county?

Mr. Westerhold, did you carry a story with a picture of the AG and a sheriff sitting at a table with a big drug stash surrounding them and some officers behind them after a huge drug bust somewhere near Sandusky county? Or am I mistaken about that. I remember reading about the AG and up here someplace. It was when my brother started sending me the SR to look at before I came here. I just remember reading about a big drug bust and thinking "wow, they need that here in CA" at the time. I was very impressed by it as my step grandson was once in law enforcement. Jason

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the questions slightthroat212. Here is a link to the article I believe is the one to which you are referring.

Also, AG DeWine and his staff were provided detailed questions prior to the interview (posted here) and his staff members had been working with this information for well over two weeks. 

It's important to state the questions that have arisen, and the circumstances that occurred, are very unusual and the AG staff has consistently responded to the Register's inquiries in a professional and prompt manner. There are no easy, or instantaneous answers.


Mr. Westerhold, thank you for answering my questions. I knew I had seen or read something about the two of them together involved in a large scale drug matter. As for him having prior knowledge to your questions, he still seemed to be rattled by your questions to me...but that is me listening with different ears than you. Yours are trained as professionals, mine are not. As I am not a newspaperman and you are, I don't hear what you do. I am sure he and his staff have acted professionally with you and yours and have conducted themselves as such. As it should be. I cannot see any reason why they should not. I just wonder about the relationship with the sheriff and the "drug busts" in that country and the relationship with the sheriff and the AG as that is a subject so close to the AG's heart.....especially now that he has gone so national with his news of lowering the drug statistics.

What I heard was someone who appeared to be stunned at the questioned like it was the first time hearing it,not someone prepared to answser it and he seemed to not like being asked about it. His manner seemed to be short tempered as well, asking you several times to "let him finish", which seemed aggrevated, and yet he kept saying the same thing again and again. Again, only my humble opinion, not fact.

Thanks for your answers and for listening to mine. JMHO. Jason.


If DeWine waits for an invitation to be extended to him to investigate, it will not come from the entity if there is corruption going on. So many deaths and no one can get a handle on it because everyone is covering for every one and they all have conflict of interests. We hope, maybe, DeWine is doing his own undercover investigation and just doesn't want us to know about it.


Re his own investigation: That's highly unlikely as the Office of the AG has for years stonewalled anyone who attempts to have acts of public corruption investigated. You have to remember they all work together and many of DeWine's employees are former county level LEO's and prosecutors.


Who on here actually thinks any politician gives a hoot about the citizens? Seriously, does anyone truly feel that they have OUR best interests in mind? I know I don't. I don't trust our local politicians, all the way up to the President. Everyone has their own agenda and own set of "goals"


BabyMomma...I think many people feel just exactly as you do. They have lost faith in the politicians who were supposed to represent them. It is never a good thing when you find out that the people in which you put all your trust let you down the minute they begin to start the jobs you put them in.

No one gets over that betrayal quickly, if ever. But betrayal is the biggest part of our lives any more. We have to be careful who we pick to lead us and not listen to these "coookie cutter" politicians who get cranked out every year. Start picking the ones who honestly make sense to you and don't just tell you what you want to hear. Those are the ones who will let yo down tomorrow IMHO.


What is really crazy is how these "officials" attack the families and refer to them like Dean Henry did with the "bought and paid for autopsy" remark. So attack the families they didn't like the results.. Hmmmm.. maybe if there was 1 or 2 cases out of that county but 8+ is a little far fetch to be screaming those words..