EC Clerk of Courts Luvada Wilson guests on BTL

Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 12, 2014


Erie County Clerk of Courts Luvada Wilson was our guest today on Between the Lines.

The program is available in the player below.

This is the first of two Between the Lines programs for this week. This Friday our guests will be Miss America 1963 Jackie Mayer and 2014 Miss Vacationland Hannah-Jo Weisenberg. This Friday is also 3/14 or National Pi Day and Berardi's Family Kitchen will be supplying us with their famous pies for the program.

We wouldn't waste a delicious Berardi's pie, but Between the Lines host and Sandusky Register managing editor Matt Westerhold will be getting a "non-Berardi's" pie in the face following Friday's program as long as the Register Facebook page gets 314 more likes by the end of the program.

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A second pie may also make contact with Westerhold's face, stay tuned on how to help make that happen.



Licorice Schtick

So has this not started, or are my security settings keeping me from seeing anything?


Having served jury duty, I had the pleasure to meet Luvanda. While serving duty, I found her to be extremely intelligent, detailed, and personable. When I learned of her Clerk of Courts appointment, I knew she would be successful. She's an asset to the county office.

my oh my

About time you have someone on that is not trying to solve a possible crime or incident through the media...Also shout out for having someone on with intelligence and not arrogance...®