Perkins grad gives perspective from the Ukraine

Matt Westerhold
Feb 28, 2014


A witness to a revolution, Brad Miller, a 1995 Perkins High School graduate, was our guest at noon today on “Between the Lines Live” at .
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Miller talked with the Register via Skype from Kiev, where he lives just blocks away from the scene of bloody carnage between protesters and police as the country struggles with its European and Russian alliances.

Miller, 37, served in the Peace Corps in western Ukraine from 2001 to 2003, then returned to the Ukraine in 2006 to work for an organization called American Councils.

The program — and all BTL segments — are available for demand viewing HERE.



Hi, Brad! Remember "Many hear;some listen."? Well, we're listening. How has the crisis affected you as an American living in Ukraine and what's your take on Yanukovych saying the revolution represents the minority of the population?

Darwin's choice

Miller may want to vacate that country. Putin is getting the Russian army permission to invade....


Shouldn't be there!

thinkagain's picture

Obama: “There will be consequences.”

Yeah right, first he’ll pee his pants…then he’ll take a golfing vacation.


It's a beautiful country, been there 7 times in the past 9 years. Unfortunately the political systems is corrupt to the core and the average person does not have upward mobility (kinda like here). I think he'll be fine, he is in Kiev, not the Crimean region. I kinda think the country will get fractured into East Ukraine and West Ukraine with the Dnipr River as the boundry.



Met a few Ukrainian Jews back in Chicago.

One guy remodeled my house. Did great work!

We talked about the Soviet occupation.

His frequent term for that time: "Bullsh*t!"