Between the Lines with guest Cory Hoffman

Matt Westerhold
Feb 14, 2014


Cory Hoffman, a Democrat running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the May Democratic Primary, was our guest at noon today. Robert Horrocks Jr. and Richard May are the candidates in the Republican Primary for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat. 

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Does Mr.Hoffman follow local stories? If so, what does he think of all the bad LE work & problems with the cases coming out of Sandusky COunty? What can HE do to help these families that have suffered not only emotional distress but, the financial burden that they have occurred fighting for Justice for their love ones? Chris Redfern & Brady Gasser are trying to introduce Jake's Law ( revamping the coroner system ) would he be in support of this since there was missteps of Dr. Wukie & Sandusky County Sheriffs that night? Too insure this does NOT happen to any other family. Would HE support an investigation of SAndusky County and their conduct with ALL these cases? Does he feel Marcy Kaptur should of weighed in and helped? How would he of handled/views the situations( Jones,Cordel,Burdine,Limberios,mentally ill lady and Ricky Jr. cases) coming out of Sandusky County ? These are some of the Top Stories in our area. Curious in hearing these answers.

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The Hero Zone

Drats, I missed this opportunity! Mr. Hoffman I'd love to talk with you some more. I congratulate you for going Independent against the leviathan of an overstayed incumbent and the party-first agenda. There are some things you said that I don't agree with (a few in a major way), but if you are willing to buck a party and still go ahead with a campaign I am happy to help stir that pot and can offer you some advice if you'll take it.

That being said I'll be vigilant for Mrs. Kaptur and the Republican candidates to ask them questions to see what they have to say, perhaps even extending the same offer should they wish to take it.