Burdines on Between the Lines today

Matt Westerhold
Feb 13, 2014


With two segments of “Between the Lines Live” happening this week, viewers are encouraged to post their questions in advance at sanduskyregister.com or at the Register’s Facebook page.

Jess Burdine and Eric Burdine were the guests at noon today. They talked about Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s investigation into the jailhouse death of Craig Burdine in August 2007 at the Sandusky County jail. The Burdine family contends Craig was a victim of homicide inside the Sandusky County jail.

•NOTE: Photos of injuries to Craig Burdine and to the officers involved were mentioned during the program by Jess and Eric Burdine. Those photos are available for download in the .pdfs below. USER DISCRETION IS ADVISED AS THEY CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT 

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Cory Hoffman, a Democrat running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the May Democratic Primary, is the guest at noon tomorrow. Robert Horrocks Jr. and Richard May are the candidates in the Republican Primary for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat. Post questions for all of the guests at sanduskyregister.com/burdine   or at the Register’s Facebook page.





Has the family considered reaching out to the other families( Cordel,Limberios,Jones and the mentally ill lady in the jail cell) that has been effected by Sandusky County actions ( or Lack of ) and filing a class act lawsuit against these legal protected criminals??


Attorney General Michael Dewine, no one is buying the kool aid anymore.. It is your Office's job to prosecute on every case mentioned. Freemont and Sandusky County Sheriff's Department have made their own rules for far to long! How many dead bodies and garbage investigations will it take before you step in and do your JOB !! When I call your office I am told by your employee I solved the Cordle case, your office then advises me to go to the media. That is wrong on every level.. Apparently I'm the only professional on the Cordle case. The D.A. has yet to do his sworn duty by oath. In my opinion... I demand you start cleaning house. We want a special task force put together ASAP to investigate these cases one by one. I am sickened to see you sit back and let injustice occur time after time.. Lip service will not suffice..If these were your loved ones you would move heaven and hell..These are my opinions ..I am not alone I can assure you! Richard Sr.Cordle, Richard Jr.Cordle Dawn Henry Bush, Sherry Henry, Wayne Henry, Katie A Cordle were tried on national TV by TNT Cold Justice & Sandusky County Sheriffs once again for 25 years falsely accused of murdering their Mother..It took me less than two hours to point out the real actors responsible. I'd like everyone's paychecks please. I earned it..

Random Thoughts

The court decisions in this case describe a very violent confrontation in the shower room of the jail during which Craig bit Deputy Kaiser and severly twisted one of his fingers, and kicked Deputy White in the chin.  My question is whether there was any other evidence presented that these deputies suffered these injuries, or was it just their testimony?

Random Thoughts

Dr. Baden's deposition describes video he reviewed from the jail from 25 angles or cameras. Is this video available for viewing?

Matt Westerhold

The Register received the video this week that was provided to the Burdine family previously through discovery. There are not 25 angles from different cameras, but there are many different angles that were captured. The Register is presently trying to determine a way to post the videos, some of which appear to be from malfunctioning surveillance cameras, at sr.com in a way that preserves the images and the sound quality. There are some software challenges that make this difficult.

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