Murray on Between the Lines

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 6, 2014


The city of Sandusky's ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. talked about the city's upcoming town hall meetings.

Want to go?

Schedule of town hall-style meetings hosted by Sandusky city commissioners:
• 6 p.m. Feb. 13 at the Sandusky Library, 114 W. Adams St.
• 9 a.m. Feb. 15 at Mr. Smith’s Coffee House, 140 Columbus Ave.
• 6 p.m. Feb. 18 at Sandusky High School, Room 300, 2130 Hayes Ave.

City engineer Aaron Klein and chief planner Rebecca Corrigan will be our guests on Friday at noon.

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How has response been to the Ard interview request?

The Bizness

Sandusky needs three things and I would like to know how you will address them, and how us residents can address them?

1. We have plenty of land for small, to medium sized industry, to build here. What is the city, and commissioners doing to attract new industry?

2. Every city needs young people, what can you do to attract young people back into Sandusky?

3. There have been talks that some tech companies just need amazingly fast internet to be lured into an area. What are the chances we could work out a deal with an internet supplier on having some of the fastest internet connections right here in Sandusky?

I realize all these questions are related, but the moral of the story is we need tech jobs to grow here, and we need manufacturing jobs to come back to the area. How can we make Sandusky one of the technological hubs of Ohio?

The Bizness

Thanks for asking the questions, I am a young 27 year old home owner here in Sandusky. So I appreciate the responses.


Very good questions Bizness. If I'm correct, the City of Sandusky (taxpayers) pays Erie County Economic Development Council (ECEDC) $30,000 a year with no contract or written expectations or threshold requirements to show what we are getting for our money.

Who is marketing the Sandusky Cabinets Property, the APEX Property, the G and C Foundry Property and American Crayon Property. Now those are studies we should all jump up in favor of over a downtown parking study we just paid $18,000 for.


Interesting questions above. Buckeye Cable has built a very fast Sonic Ring in Toledo, here?


Why has no one ever been held accountable for the fraud in the home repair program ?

Why are you so against increasing the admissions tax ? Don't you think those who visit the area should help support the infrastructure neccessary to attract them ?


Sandusky needs to join Port Clinton, Oregon and Toledo in writing an official resolution in opposition to the burying of radioactive waste in the Great Lakes watershed. see: 11/12/13 news

This will push Ohio elected officials to protect the Great Lakes, the majority these officials do not have a clue on Great Lakes issues.

Representative Marcy Kaptur is trying to bring the issue to the Great Lakes caucus and the State Department. see: 2/4/14 news

Sandusky's opposition will send a clear statement to Ohio.

Comrade Boose

So correct me if I am wrong the fire department is the right size for the city? From the data I have seen Mr. Murray
1) Sandusky fire manpower is down from the size it was in the 90's
2) The call volume is increased from the 90's
3) Three battalion chief positions and a assistant chief position is eliminated from the roster. oh yeah and those position cuts help increase the surplus carryover you now have.
4) You want to take more money from the EMS Fund to balance other departments, why not let the fire department to do the same.

Now the Register why not report both sides of the story I have talked to the firefighters about alleged claims this paper has made only to find out they were false claims
one of the false claims is they receive a fitness bonus, turns out that is false Andy> Come on reporters be responsible reporters and not puppets for Westerhold.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Comrade. The Register reported the information the city provided about the potential cuts in the fire department and the firefighters who provided you information are either mis-construing what was reported, or misunderstanding it. The Register has not been contacted by the fire chief or anyone else in the fire department suggesting the information reported was inaccurate. The firefighters you talked with also have not contacted the Register about what they told you. If we are contacted we will review any concerns and publish a correction if one is warranted. 

Comrade Boose

Matt, I think we now know this wasn't the case. I waited till today to comment back so I could check with these guys and they said they did indeed talk to your cub reporter Andy Ouriel and he said he received his info from the commissioners, but wasn't interested in the firefighters side.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Comrade. I'm not sure why you felt the need to apparently insult a hard working man by referring to him as my "cub reporter."  That just doesn't seem necessary. There is a correction in today's paper, however, concerning the FIre Department's "incentive" fitness program stating the incentive has not included pay bonuses. You're seeing an agenda here where none exists. 


Comrade Boose

The cub reporter comment was more of a description on how he handled the situation by not following up on the corrections that they tried to tell him. Thanks for the correction in todays paper that is a start. Why not have one of the firefighters on "In Between the Lines" and get their perspective on all of this.

Jason Werling


We would welcome any firefighter who would like to appear on the program. If you know of someone who would like to appear on BTL and discuss this have them contact me at or 419.609.5850.



The city is more than the fire department. Calls are up due to the higher than average elderly population in the county. These calls not true emergencies.