Jess Burdine still fights for justice, will be guest on BTL

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 30, 2014


He’s fought for more than six years. Jess Burdine, 80, wants the Sandusky County jail guards he suspects killed his son to have their day in court.

It will be up to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to determine whether that can ever happen, whether a grand jury is convened and when and where it will be convened. Craig Burdine, 37, died shortly after Fremont police officers brought him to the jail.

He was combative with the officers and jail staff, according to reports, but that’s not what jail surveillance video shows, according to Jess.

Jess Burdine will be the guest noon Friday on “Between the Lines Live.” 

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Looking forward to this discussion. Seem to recall that Craig Burdine first had problems in the Ottawa County Jail and won a lawsuit as a result.

Was former Sheriff Bob Bratton in charge of the jail at the time? Why was the article published last night on Bratton's guilty plea removed from website and commenting? Here's the link:

How does Mr. Burdine feel about Bratton's federal case and does he think that this may help in a review of area law enforcement?



Does Mr. Burdine think this was only an isolated situation or has he heard of other's out of Sandusky County also? Good Luck to him & I hope he get's the JUSTICE he deserves for his son! Justice for Craig Burdine

Random Thoughts

I find this very interestng and hope we get some answers. But I must say that the Barney Fife poster distracts from the interview as one wonders why it is there