Band director guest on 'Between the Lines'

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 19, 2014

Former Sandusky Central Catholic band and choir director Brian Panetta was our guest today on Between the Lines.

Click HERE to read more about Panetta's termination from the school

Panetta lost his job after nearly five years when he announced his engagement to Nathan David, a man he's been dating for about as long as he was employed with the school. The decision to let Panetta go created a firestorm in the community, with many St. Mary families supporting both Panetta and the school in a difficult circumstance. 

Register education reporter Alissa Widman was also a guest. 

The program, and previous "Between the Lines" segments, are always available HERE

Watch the program in the player below


John Harville

And yet the Greek city-states encouraged its military fighters to form loving sexual relationships within the ranks. It was the policy/belief that men who love each will fight harder to protect each other... ie the 300.


thinkagain: Do you desire that this country was a Christian theocracy?


No thinkagain just wants a white, straight, male in charge most bigots. His handle should be"neverthinks".

dorothy gale

Trying to justify one's fear and ignorance by quoting from a book that indicates that the world is flat, that dinosaurs and children frolicked happily together, that snakes and donkeys can speak, that a pair every species of animal on Earth was crammed into a boat (polar bears from the arctic, penguins from Antarctica, wallabies fron Australia?), and contradicts itself over and over is so sad. How awful it must be to live in constant darkness.


You spend each day of your life in darkness, so I trust you when you say it must be awful.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

The question is not if a snake or donkey can talk, but if a supernatural God exists. If the latter is true, the former is a walk in the park.

As C. S. Lewis observed, “But if we admit God, must we admit Miracle? Indeed, indeed, you have no security against it. That is the bargain.”

The Big Dog's back

neverthinks, you should listen to the Pope, you might learn something.


The Big Dog's back
Sun, 04/14/2013 - 5:21pm
Try watching Ancient Aliens, you might learn something.

OK, so which is it, your Pope or your alien overlords?

The Big Dog's back

Both. I know that's hard for a right winger to take in. But try.

John Harville

Again... you should apply to put modern history into traditional Biblical allegorical and fairy tale form.
I'll bet you thought it was just fine that GWB dropped bombs in the Garden of Eden... you DO know that the Garden is in the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates?
Even Jesus said to put sin as far from ourselves as East is from West. But East meets West within each of us because the world is round. According to John 1 Jesus was present even before the Creation (because the Word IS God!). But, if he even said it, he knew he had to speak in the vernacular - the language his listeners would understand.

Tell us why there are TWO creation stories? In the Hebrew tradition, one story has man and woman created with the other animals from the Earth. But Lillith (really the first woman) thought since she was equally created she had a right to equal treatment - and to be on top sometimes! Adam begged God for a woman to be subject to him. So God put him to sleep and took his rib and CLONED Eve but, being God, made her feMALE.
The New Testament first book was put to papyrus by Mark about 60 years after Jesus died. Mark's was FIRST. Then Matthew used Mark but put his own spin on it to prove miraculous Jesus and to prove his royal descent from Abraham and David. John sat in his island prison well advanced in years and did all he could to secure the 'divinity' of Christ. LUKE never met Jesus but begins his Gospel by saying he has heard the stories and it's time to write another document. The historic ranking of the Gospels, then, in Mark, Matthew, John and Luke (who used all the others as his Wikipedia).
Come out of your self-imposed darkness and LEARN about the book of which you try to be an authority.

John Harville

Thinkagain... There you go again, quoting Paul out of context...the Roman Jew who persecuted Christians, deserted his wife and family, taught that Jesus would return during his generation (how's that workin') got drunk and fell off a horse and said Jesus spoke to him.
Then he went to Jerusalem and told Peter (who had he keys to the Church) and James that Jesus was just kidding and that 'the Way' was to be extended to the Gentiles and everybody who lived on earth.
He also told the Corinthian women to be silent in church and not instruct men on religious matters.
Paul was a prime example of 'writing to your audience'. In his letter to the Romans he was facing a situation where he was having difficulty recruiting to 'the Way' and didn't have enough little followers being born because the Romans had their own religions.
The King James translation - commissioned by one of the gayest and most murderous kings England ever knew - was translated by the Puritans - and we know what 'happy people' they were. All of this after the Church in the 16th Century 'kept the home fires burning' with the bodies of Protestants and others who dared to read the Bible for themselves.
But you go right on with your blasphemy and heresy and tryin' to be all scary and threatening.

"this is my commandment. I command you to love one another as I have loved you." Jesus.


thinkagain: I'm glad your understanding of human sexuality is advanced as what was written 2000 years ago. I am glad society's views of slavery aren't as primitive as was believed then.

Do you have any other biblical scientific views (astronomy, geology) to enlighten the world?


Matt Westerhold did appear unprepared-not to mention, unprofessional. What's offensive are the gay jokes coming from Westerhold. I am sad to see Brian leave and really do like him, I also understand the school's rationale. It is clear that Brian will be missed by many and he has handled this situation with the utmost dignity.

I understand the Catholic faith. I also have more than one homosexual family member. The gay/Catholic jokes coming from Westerhold during this interview- are offensive to me as a Catholic as well as someone who loves her homosexual relatives whole-heartedly. Mr. Westerhold, you have done yourself, your employer, and your community an incredible disgrace with your passive, crude "jokes".

Matt Westerhold

I regret you were offended but you seem to be overstating my ineptitude and the level of shame I should carry. 

John Harville

Do you proclaim your love for your heterosexual relatives as 'whole-heartedly'?
You DO know that PUBLICLY proclaiming your love for and acceptance of your homosexual family members for the persons they are, puts YOU directly in opposition the Catholic religion you also proclaim?
You DO realize that if you were an employee of SCCS and they found out your identity in making this post that YOU - like Brian - "may be" kicked out?


In addition to the Sandusky Register interview, the Hire Brian Back blog has the full, unedited interview WKYC did with Brian, about 20 minutes worth of footage--very sad, rich in details. Must see!


Bad audio, horrible job interviewing & bad set & lighting. What's that annoying glare on the table? The guest did better than the interviewer! Two paws down!

Ned Mandingo

"catholic values" what a joke.
Stupid brainwashed people who judge other people based on fairy tails.


Wow John Harville in my years as a Catholic I have never been taught what you have posted, I would love to sit sown wtth you and really learn!


Over 100 comments. How many comments will there be once the Sandusky Register requires real names?

John Harville

Probably a lot fewer since people then would know where to go and take action against persons with whom they disagree.

Of course, having already faced that, it wouldn't deter me if I feel the issue is important enough. In fact it doesn't deter me. I'm preparing a letter to the editor and I've called and emailed various persons at the Diocesan offices in my own name. They tend not to write threatening letters that bring in the FBI.

Coram Deo

Another view:

God in His grace has a plan.

John Harville

God in his grace gives us free will to move through life with love and compassion; to accept each other as we are; always to react with love - and when necessary to kick some butt and overturn tables of moneychangers cheating people of their faith.

John Harville

GAYS CAUSE AUTISM. This representative says so.

and now you know why I'm still here. Actions like SCCS give people license for things like this.

John Harville

SANDUSKY MOM. I stand corrected, the Diocesan Superintendent of Education Christopher M. Knight is not the one about whom I conjectured.
Are you then verifying for us that THIS Christopher M. Knight is the same one listed on the SCCS Board of Directors?
Are you then verifying for us that THIS Christopher M. Knight is "the person form the Diocese" who came to tell Mr. Panetta of his termnation?

John Harville

Melody Curtis was hired by the SCCS Board of Directors in February 2013 with her contract to begin July 1, 2013.

In February 2013 Melody Curtis was in her first year as Executive Director of Monroe Catholic Elementary School. MCES was a new consolidation of three elementary schools. Melody Curtis takes great pride in her vitae noting that she 'inspired' the consolidation and was its Executive Director after having been a principal at one of the three elementary schools.
February 2013 Melody Curtis completes the interview process and is offered a contract by SCCS.
Even her greatest defenders have to realize she didn't wait until February to apply. It would seem obvious her application would have been in process to leave her 'inspiration school' and go somewhere else.
I hope she has greater loyalty to SCCS and - this being February - not in the process of moving to another assignment.

FURTHER CLARIFICATION: August 2013... a Register story detailed construction of the 'new' SCCS building. SCCS said as a private school they didn't have to give any figures on costs of the renovations on employee salaries. Grandmasgirl asked a simple question about schools such as SCCS being 'private' if they get state funding. She was - sometimes viciously - attacked.
Let me clarify: According to the SCCS website and Foundation, SCCS puts in its BUDGET more than a half million dollars in STATE FUNDS. They also would have needed a zoning permit and building permit which makes this building project PUBLIC.