Commissioners-elect Brady, Murray & Twine ready to lead

Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 20, 2013


Murray and Brady will be returning to commission at the start of January after being elected in November to serve new four-year terms.
Twine also will be sworn in to begin serving her first term on city commission in January.
All three told voters they intended to aggressively address the city’s budget, services and personnel issues when they were campaigning in the fall.
Watch what they had to say in the video clips in the player below



T. A. Schwanger


So in summary, the cost of City Hall renovation has increased three fold in a few short months from $2 million to $7 million.

There is absolutely no accountability at the commission table at the current time. Instead of supporting going from 7 commissioners down to 5, how about submitting a ballot question of 4 Wards and 3 At-Large Commissioners starting with the 2015 election?

As for terminating term limits---this has been taken to the voters before and turned down. If term limits were eliminated, imagine being stuck with some of the commissioners we have sitting at the table now thanks to election through popularity contest? If term limits are good for State Representatives, it's good for local politics as well.


Term limits is popular on both sides. It will be difficult to over turn. It has not been successful thus far.


We don't need 7 commissioners, cut to five. I agree they should be At-Large, visible and accountable to those who pay taxes, repeat those who PAY TAXES.

T. A. Schwanger


As an understanding of a combined Ward and At-large System, the ward system would divide Sandusky into 4 districts or wards with each ward having its own representative on the council. Three additional council members would be elected by the entire city.

The ward representatives on the council would be familiar with and closer to their respective area of Sandusky because they live there. As a result, the community has better representation than the current system of government.