VIDEO: Nick Fee, Sharon Johnson on Between the Lines

Matt Westerhold
Oct 18, 2013


Brother and uncle of triple homicide victims, community activist will be on the program today. Fee spoke about how his family is doing prior to the start of the Curtis Clinton trial. Johnson and Westerhold talked about the city and manager Nicole Ard.

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How about this for an idea.

Since there is absolutely no accountability, not only with the City Manager, but also the City Commission. Westerhold brings up several screw ups by the Commission. Rather than changing the Charter to 5 commissioners, as the local Business Political Action Committee suggests, we keep the system at 7 Commissioners but to a 4 ward and 3 at-large beginning with the year 2016 when 4 seats are up for election. Forget about going to a Mayor form.


By who's standards do you suggest that there is no accountability with the City Manager or the comissioners? Yes, they have made mistakes, but mostly who's fault is it that the commissioners make those mistakes?????

Those who vote them in are the cause of that and changing the number of commissioners isn't going to help or hinder that one little bit any more than having a "mayoral" form of government is.

The truth is it is the people who run and who are selected that are the cause of many of the screw ups in town, coupled by this insatiable need to be in the 'press''s good graces as well. Perhaps if those who are so quick to blame the commissioners would run instead of just criticize from the side lines continually, things would be better all the way around.

With all due respect, you have so much to say so often, why do you not run for a commission seat. Perhaps some of your ideas would be well placed for this city rather than just talking about it.