Baby birds will be falling from the sky soon

Mar 24, 2014


It won't be long before birds everywhere will be raising their young.

Here is a fun flow chart to help you identify whether or not the baby bird in your yard needs help. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us at 419-684-9539 and we will be happy to help you figure out how to identify nestlings and fledglings.

Remember, baby birds do far better with their parents than with humans!


The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Great tips here. It's hard sometimes because our first reaction is to be compassionate and take it somewhere when it doesn't need to be. I found one on the sidewalk downtown last year and took it to Back to the Wild. It turns out that besides a few mites it was otherwise OK. I felt a little bad having inadvertently both taken the bird from its home area and creating some unnecessary work for BttW. I made sure to leave a donation and take an information pamphlet like this to not make that mistake again!

(Though I'll still donate whether or not I give them a bird.)