Should I start a physical relationship with my best friend?

Nov 21, 2012

Q: I just broke up with my girlfriend for legitimate reasons. Anyway my best friend is also female. We moved in together along with my girlfriend and my friend and I have grown really close. We have also told each other that we have feelings for one another. We ignored it for a while and just continued to grow our friendship, as my relationship went from bad to worse.

My best friend was always there to give me advice when I needed it but most of all she cared and didn't put her emotions into her advice. The last couple of days we have laid it on the table that we care a lot about each other but neither of us wants anything serious. She said that she wants us to continue to be friends but with benefits. What is your advice on this and how do I get closer to her? I would love to cuddle and watch a movie or share a hug, but I don't know if she feels the same and I don't want to rush anything seeing as how I just got out of a relationship and because she is my best friend and I don't want to damage that.

A: You lucky dog! The last thing you should be considering right now is how to get closer. You have a unique opportunity here to have someone in your life who cares about you and receive most of the benefits of a relationship without all the complicated concerns of actually being a couple. Friends with benefits, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. As far as damaging your friendship, the only thing that may accomplish that is you accepting her offer and trying to make more of it than it is. If you think the two of you are adult enough to handle this type of relationship, then go for it. There is really nothing to lose as long as you’re both honest and forthcoming.

However, don’t expect anything more than what is laid out in the beginning. You both need to establish rules and boundaries. If there comes a time when one of you wants or needs more, then you talk about it together and possibly redefine the relationship.

The only thing I should add is I hope the ex is no longer living with the two of you. That would just be weird and awkward. You must first close that door completely otherwise it may swing back blunt force and knock you right on your backside.


Second Opinion

A study our nation’s history reveals that we are a society of ‘JUDICIAL” laws, the framework set forth in the Old Testament of the Bible. We are a Christian Judeo society; at least we use to be for first 200 years. This is an indisputable fact which is laced throughout the writings of our nation’s founders and historical writers.
As to your statement that others do not prescribe to my religion and have different values, my reply is the majority now have a religion but not one that is of any historical or built upon any substance. Today’s ‘Religion” is like a person walking at a buffet table, taking only those things that they want and leaving behind the foods that taste terrible but are good for them. Modern ‘religion’, including most Christians have never read the books of the ones they take the name of. Then when they are presented with quotations from the books written by the ‘god’ they claim to follow they get upset and deny its context, though they actually never read it themselves. What’s said is they crucify the messenger and continue to claim they are ‘religious’ or ‘Christian.
Concerning your idea that this article was about 'ramifications of co-habitation"; then who more to ask and opinion of than the one who says if you commit fornication or adultery you will not be able to enter Heaven? Don’t you think that’s worth consideration or when God says you will pay by other means all through life for your rebellion for committing sexual sins. God says to FLEE sexual sins, ‘for no other sin affect a person as sexual sins, every sin that a person commits is without the body but he that commits sexual sins sinneth also against his own body.
Those wishing to follow Eda’s advice are certainly allowed to do so, but I would hope that they would first ask what makes her the expert on morality? Where does she get her core values from, if she believes that it’s a free for all then can’t we assume she has no values?

There are so many warnings about sexual sins in the Bible, and sadly not one Christian or their ministers has seen fit to post a reply, so I contend that you won the battle, but not the war, judgment day is coming and everything will be exposed for what it is, including ill advice given by a newspaper to the youths of this area.


@Second Opinion
Please do not get me wrong, I am not attacking your religion at all I am mearly pointing out the fact that not everyone shares your dogma. Enforcing your dogmatic laws apon others would create a theocracy that the founding fathers were definatly against (1st amend: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.) But I digress, This is a opinion article, Everyone is entitled to their own and respect for differing opinions without damnation to hell should be recognized and tolerated for what they are, Opinions and advice. (Your advice is just as good as anyones if someone adheres to it.)

Eda M. Handly

Last I checked this is not a "holy" day. Maybe you should brush up on your history. This is one "second opinion" I will certainly pass on as I am sure others will as well...

Second Opinion

Eda said: """Last I checked this is not a "holy" day. Maybe you should brush up on your history.''

The FIRST Thanksgiving was held in 1690 at Berkeley Plantation located at Jamestown which was to be held "‘yearly and perpetually kept HOLY to GIVE THANKS TO GOD'" as a day of thanksgiving to the Almighty for the blessings bestowed upon them.

Didn't your parents teach you anything about family values, the meaning of HOLYdays, what the difference is between being chase and being an infidel who believes fornication and adultery has no review by religious teachings?

You may pass on my posts as you obviously have done throughout life with important issues, such as HIStory and religious teachings, but being a casuist endangers and encourages others to trod a path that God has said leads to total ruin. Those with even a limited knowledge of historical teachings concerning the entire destruction of Empires due to immorality are sitting back and shaking their heads in disbelief on how you beguile and mislead others with a pretense that your qualified to advice others. You provide NO support of your advice, its 100% conjecture on what YOU want and accept to be true.

Second Opinion

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Lengthy excerpts from other websites.

Eda M. Handly

My advice is based on years of experience and watching others. You have a very twisted and distorted view on things and everything you have posted here really doesn't warrant a further response from me. All I can say is there is a reason I am the one giving people advice and not you.

Second Opinion

" You have a very twisted and distorted view "

ISN'T THIS A PERSONAL ATTACK? Why therefore is your post not deleted?
How convenient to be able to hide behind the delete button instead of answering valid questions.

I suppose that I will be kicked off the forum now since I asked a question that you will refuse to answer.

Eda M. Handly

First of all, I did not nor do I have the power to delete anything on here. Second, I refuse to continue any type of dialogue with you referring to any religion or lack thereof. I don't prescribe to your beliefs so your arguments are for naught and I refuse to explain myself to someone whose mind I cannot even penetrate (no pun intended). As Randy said, I am sure someone out there is searching for YOUR type of advice, I most certainly am not. Many people seek my advice and I will continue to my job exactly how I see fit regardless of whether you disagree. However, there are many niches out there that need to be filled; you could always start your own column instead of attacking ones you disagree with. Ya know, make your difference where you can instead of wasting it on someone who is as strong minded and set in their ways as yourself. Good day...


I believe in friends with benefits one you have to test the waters before you jump into anything I had a friend and his wife split up cause they were not sexullay compatible my wife and I were friends with benefits in college and we are now married so I say go for it


Unfotunately, your kind of thinking is flawed. In fact there are several studies out there that show the 10 year divorce rate for couples who had lived together prior to marriage is nearly double that of couples who did not cohabitate prior to marriage. With divorce rates already pushing the 50% mark, why in the heck would anybody participate in an act that is likely to increase the chance of it happening? Please don't construe this to mean that you will definately divorce, I am just pointing out the perception vs. the reality of co-habitation.

Eda M. Handly

You can't be serious? You're thinking is as flawed as Second Opinion's.

Second Opinion

Another personal attack by Eda, when does her posts get deleted for disobeying the rules?

Eda M. Handly

He said her thinking was flawed, I simply said his was as much as yours. No rule broken. Everyone keeps talking facts here, yet he gave none himself. I don't care how many studies are done, experience speaks volumes over some study done with a limited number of people. The reasons for divorce are far reaching whether or not a couple lives together prior to...


Ya gotta love this internet stuff. On one side, I have a prude who hates me for abortion, and on the other side I have a free sex flier that is enjoying her Bohemian lifestyle. Don't even hafta leave the house. :) Well, time to walk the dog. That takes leaving the house and locking the doors.

Eda M. Handly

There go those presumptions again, luv...


Pardon my presumptions, Eda. One can't really see the inflection in text unless the author takes the time to fully explain. I am guilty of it myself.

Eda M. Handly

That is very true, I am as well. The only downfall of the internet, we lose a very important tool in conversation, tone.

Second Opinion

I never said I hated you, on the contrary.

I'm not fighting only for the unborn, I'm fighting for you.
The scriptures teach that those who take an infants life will be judged as murderers, and I don't want you or others to be in that position and I'm willing to be hated by you, abused, cursed at, even harmed, but my conscience dictates that your a person of worth, even if what you defend is the 21st century holocaust.

Judge me however you wish, it matters not, my conscience is clear. I take no glory even in fact that Hitler was condemned by God at his judgement. If I or any real Christian were able to prevent his destruction when standing before God we would do it. In the realm of spiritual truth, Hitler was no worse a person than myself, the only difference being is I've been forgiven by the unconstitutional sacrifice Christ made for me on the cross. Jesus said that he that hates his brother has killed them in their heart and is in danger of hell fire. Jesus said that if you break ONE OF GOD COMMANDS / LAW ITS THE SAME AS BREAKING THEM ALL, well, I'm guilty of breaking all of them, including murder! Knowing these truths compels me to warn others of the things I've learned over the many years; life is short and there must be accountability when it ends or there is no justice.

Accuse me of many things but not of hating you, Yes, I'm determined like John the Baptist and others, however the ones who you should question if they love you are the ones who know what the Bible teaches concerning these things and refuse to place themselves in positions of vulnerability by pointing out facts to get one to think away from their ritualistic and distorted logic.

Have a good walk.


Please get off your pulpit, not everyone believes as you do.

People are not going to stop having sex because you spout your bible verses.

This is a simple case of hooking up, shacking up or hell, maybe, it will end up being a menage a trois.

In either case, we don't know the ages or the genders of any of them.


Eda you crack us up.

Eda M. Handly

I do what I can...


Okay, let's forget religion for a moment (that's not a slam on those with or without religiously-based lifestyles/values, but rather the start of my point here). Consider instead what's more immediately pertintent here:

"Wounded Boy" is coming off a relationship that didn't end well and is, in fact, not over if he's still residing in the same house.

"Best Friend" may be ready, willing, and able, but "Wounded Boy" ISN'T, even if he says he is. (If he can turn off his emotions over his just failed relationship, then he's damaged goods in more ways than one, and if he can't, then he's not ready.)

Meanwhile, for "Best Friend" to say and do the things she has, my guess is that she's applying for "More Than Friends" status whether she says she's fine with the idea of "friends with benefits" or not. "Wounded Boy" will just break her heart, and "Best Friend" will almost certainly become "Weeping Girl," or, even worse, "Obsessed Stalker Woman," followed eventually by "Ex-Friend."

There, see? No morals involved, just common sense and ordinary human nature. So now we all know it's a bad idea for TWO good reasons. Eda? Still insist it's totally awesome that people just do whatever feels good whenever it does? Keep in mind, of course, still a little more VERY basic psychology: Those who live that way — who do whatever feels good on the basis of it feeling good — are selfish, typically lacking in self-esteem, and extraordinarily immature; and that's assuming they don't have far worse mental foibles to deal with.

For the record: Yeah, I've cohabitated. Yes, I've been married. Yes, I've had a one night stand. (Not simultaneously, but thanks for asking!) But unlike many, I've actually taken some lessons away from those things, and certainly wouldn't be telling other people to follow in my footsteps "as long as they agree" or as long as it feels good at the time! The emotional fall-out alone makes it just not worth it.


sam adams, you should write the column. I agree w/ you on this.


It's painfully obvious that this columnist has no good answer to the two-part question: Is there anything wrong with anything, and why?
The tragic truth is the effect all moral relativists like her have had on creating a moral vacuum in our young people. There is no right and wrong. There is no reason for anything. People who embrace this worldview vehemently oppose evangelical Christians who believe the Bible when it says that Jesus is “the way, and the truth, and the life”. I won't bother continuing, because it is not my job to convince the secular humanists of the unchanging Word of God. It is my job to present them with the gospel. It is the Holy Spirit's job to convince/convict them.

The Big Dog's back

neverthinks, think whatever you want, just don't legislate your beliefs onto others.


Why not? You’re trying to.