Peninsula protection and maintenance

Jul 7, 2014


By Rita M. Mahler
Special to the Register

When arriving on the Marblehead Peninsula from State Route 2 onto 269 North exit A you won’t travel far before reaching Port Clinton Eastern Road.  A right-hand turn east will lead you to the Danbury Township Hall, where the township maintenance crew is centered.  The historical building has just undergone some extensive upgrades and is looking better than ever.  Behind it you will find the garages that house equipment for care and upkeep on the township roads and parks. Our crew of road supervisor Brett Waldron and three workers are dedicated to keeping things groomed and looking great for our community. Also at this location you will find the shelter house, baseball and soccer fields, playground area and basketball court.

On 269 North just past the intersection of Port Clinton Eastern you will go only about a mile to find the Danbury Police Station at 419 S. Bridge Rd., on the right-hand side.  Our police department has grown to eight employees: Chief Mike Meisler, detective Sergeant Mark Meisler and six patrolmen. The township is a busy hub of activities in the summer, which keeps them pretty busy. The police station is also home to the township recycling center and shredding service.

The recently merged fire departments of Lakeside and Marblehead have become the Danbury Township Fire Department, and are located in three stations.  Traveling north just past the police station, you will find Station 2 on the left at 150 S. Bridge Rd., before the light on Ohio-163.   Doug Waugh, former Chief of the Marblehead department, has been the interim chief for the time being.

The ride along OH-163 East will take you past the Danbury Local School system at the corner of 163 and Erie Beach Rd.  Danbury Township Fire Station 1, headquartered at 9551 E. Harbor Rd., is on the north side of 163 in the old Lakeside Fire Station, just before the south entrance gate to Lakeside.  Continuing eastward you will soon enter the Marblehead Village limits by the U.S. Post Office. Once you drive under the overhead conveyor belt from the LaFarge Quarry to the loading dock you will see Station 3 that was the Marblehead Fire Station.  In the Village Hall building next to the fire station you will find the Marblehead police station and village offices.  The Marblehead police now have Chief Gregory Fultz, and three full-time and two part-time officers on their department.  The village maintenance crew is also housed in this building with three employees.

Lakeside Association has their own security guards that are assisted by the local police when needed.

If not for these important places on our peninsula, there would be a lot less comfort and less enjoyment of such a wonderful place to live and visit.  Please remember to yield to emergency vehicles, and maintenance road crews when traveling the roads.



Another Opinion

If you travel Northshore Boulevard to the 163 intersection, remember it is a dead stop as the State Highway Patrol hides at Mutach Market parking lot. Your ticket is $25.00 fine, $40.00 cost AND Miscellaneous $100.00. If you question what is miscellaneous you will receive a blaring MISCELLANEOUS. And you will leave with that as the your explanation.


dirty oinkers..

Peninsula Pundit

Anidiot's Opinion:

The OSHP should ticket you for not making a complete stop there.
More accidents and near misses are caused by you good drivers who don't know what a red stop sign is.Especially at that intersection. State records prove it. Ask the Danbury Trustees.
There's a blind cornere not more than 200 feet from that stop and if you don't stop and look, you can cause an accident.
Or is it just too beyond you to come to a legal, complete stop and look up the road before you proceed.
Or are you one of those real mental pygmys who see someone coming, purposely pull out in front of them so they have to slam on the brakes and then look at them in the rear-view mirror while you go 25 miles an hour down the road.
To the point of this article, I do feel so safe knowing there is so much law enforcement on the peninsula. It is what makes it the special place it is. Imagine a resort area with no police.....
And those machine guns on the Coast Guard boats with Khaki gestapo waiting to jump you? How could an area be considered a vacationaland without those?
Another article to make this poor woman's parents do spins in their resting places. Give up, you ain't got it, honey.