Community of tourists

Jun 27, 2014


By Rita M. Mahler
Special to the Register

Danbury Township is an area of 19.94 square miles, with 32.75 miles of shoreline. No wonder it seems a little crowded when all the tourists and summer residents gather for a ride Around The Horn.

The beauty of the Marblehead Peninsula that draws so many people is not only that of nature and centering one's soul with enjoyment, but one so much deeper. The pure nature of our community is “service”.  The intense work ethic of our local businesses, owners and employees, is to provide a fun memorable atmosphere to those here visiting and enjoying what we sometimes take for granted. Working long hours, and during every weekend and holiday can be taxing, but it is done.

Sometimes believe it or not, it is done with fun and enjoyment.

The small businesses dotting the ride around the horn include restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, pizza and ice cream shops, gift shops, antique shops, bait shops, specialty shops, salons, hotels/motels, campgrounds, lodging and Marinas, taverns an bars and ferry services to the islands. That doesn’t even count the hardware stores, repair shops, construction and home maintenance shops, lawn care and landscaping or painting and siding. Unfortunately there are fewer farmers, orchards and roadside markets and only one Bank with two locations.

The largest business concentration has got to be Storage Units and Marina’s with boat storage. The largest employers are the quarry and manufactures. While the numerous churches and cemeteries hold our faith and heritage. 

The Peninsula is fortunate that zoning has made it so the inland side of the road is more for storage than the waterfront.  Unfortunately cottages have given way to bigger elaborate homes, condos and subdivisions, so more water front areas are gone for views. The beauty of Lake Erie can still be found from the State access ramps, Dempsy’s on Bayshore Road and Mazurik’s on Northshore Boulevard. and the beach at East Harbor State Park.

Main Street through Marblehead allows views of the Islands while Lakeside provides a long walking path along the waterfront from east gate to west gate.

The gift of getting to meet so many people from near and far is enjoyed at our many annual festivals, tournaments and events, but our history is a solemn reminder of why it is important to remember the past, and preserve for the future.

Next week: Those who protect and serve.


Finn Finn

Lovely piece on the beauty of the Marblehead Peninsula (Danbury, Marblehead, Lakeside), Rita. It has changed with the times but still keeps its small town, multi-generational family oriented, "immigrant" ambiance. But I don't understand the headline? Danbury and Marblehead in particular are so much more than tourist dependent. Because the peninsula draws so many tourists in the summer months, I think we lose sight of the fact that "the intense work ethic of our local businesses" isn't only to "provide a fun memorable atmosphere to those here visiting." Of course, there are multiple businesses in the area which are not related to tourism at all and have been in business for decades, if not a century! Just wanted to make sure that both sides were recognized.


Finn Finn.. I didn't pick this headline...I had Community of Service, chosen, and the Register changed it. I don't understand it either... In my list of businesses I added the Non-tourist businesses as well...I don't have a clue as to why the Register twisted this.

Finn Finn

Good to know. I know your love for the Peninsula and its people, which is why I questioned it. Thanks for replying.


You're welcome... I appreciate your comments !

Peninsula Pundit

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce thanks you for posting this promotional article on their behalf.
Are you a member or affiliated in some way?
When are you going to start posting what you said was going to be a revival of the 'Around the Horn' articles your folks used to do?
Because this clap-trap sure ain't it.


Pen Pun... I'm not a member or affiliated with the CC ..and just want to say, every post from you that I have ever read is always derogatory no matter who you talk about. So thanks for sticking with your theme in my case!


Please change the Headline of my column back to Community of Service..... PLEASE??