Carroll worried about 'getting my diet under control'

FIT Staff
Jul 30, 2014


I’m used to writing research papers and work correspondences, but writing about me is much different!  Please bear with me as I struggle through this strange new process.

I feel so fortunate to have been chosen to participate in this challenge.  I enjoyed meeting Brandi Barhite and my fellow FIT Challengers this past Saturday. 

I want to give a shout-out to Sherry, Ebony, Ross and Robb for having the courage to go through this process. 

My goal is to lose 60 pounds, and I hope I achieve that and still finish last – because I want all of us to succeed.

I am excited to be working with Tony Johnson at Keegan Sports Training Academy. 

It was a really cool coincidence that Brandi placed me at Troy Keegan’s gym, where my two older boys go for baseball lessons. 

Tony and I are planning to start this week, hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday night. 

I have a feeling Tony’s going to bust my butt in the gym, which is exactly what I need! 

Sounds like he’s going to share a lot of the workout programs he did as a college football player with me. 

I pray that the Lord keeps all of us free from any sickness or injury that could hinder us during this challenge.

The most difficult part of this process for me is going to be getting my diet under control. 

I have a habit of not eating breakfast, going out and eating fast food for lunch, eating a lot of my dinners out at restaurants, snacking at night and drinking Pepsi all day. 

I cannot drink or eat anything with artificial sugar substitutes due to past experiences of getting really strange and miserable migraines from them.  That’s a story for another day…

Over the past week I have been walking about 45 minutes a day with my wife, April. 

I’ve also begun some bicycling by myself at night, but I’m riding a women’s mountain bike that’s way too small for me and quite uncomfortable. 

I need to replace the wheels on my mountain bike that’s been “broken down” for several years now.  I

addition to the limited exercise, I’ve also drastically reduced my pop consumption and my snacking at night. 

I’ve been eating April’s home cooked meals and have already lost a couple pounds.  I’m excited about this new life April and I will live together!



first off, think of yourself as 'letting go of the weight' and not losing it. lost weight has a way of finding its way back to you.

second, water, water, and more water. it will keep you feeling full.

third and most important, eat three to four bites of food every two hours. you will not feel deprived and put what you don't eat in the freezer. you need to see how much you should not be eating and you won't starve to death. you can't put more gas in a car than it's designed to hold and neither should you put too much food in your stomach all at once.

if you eat, you exercise. small movements constantly all day long and a workout will keep burning the calories.

stop eating three hours before you go to sleep. your body will use your stored fuel and you will lose two pounds while you sleep.

Drop the word diet from your vocabulary! you are reprogramming your inner computer to be more fuel efficient.

Use a glucose monitoring device to understand your blood sugar. you do not have to be diabetic to benefit. If you are, get a glucose chart and learn what A1C means and watch the numbers. stay under 6 or bring it down.

You chose to eat the food and you are choosing to change your habits regarding quantity of food. it didn't happen overnight so be patient with yourself. Get a scale and weigh yourself every morning and remember that EVERY BITE COUNTS! Good Luck and best regards to all.