Best-kept secrets

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


 Vocational training schools are great places to visit and use as a consumer.   Here are some of what I consider to be “best kept secrets” that offer huge savings and have no income eligibility requirements.

1.      Low-cost dental hygiene services.   Everyone should get their teeth cleaned at least once a year.  Twice a year is better.  Lorain County Community College, School of Dental Hygiene offers low-cost teeth cleaning for $25.  Waiting time is long, so take a good book and go on a day when you have nothing better to do.  For more information, call  800-995-5222, extension 4948, or direct-dial 440-366-4948. Or visit the Lorain County Community College Dental Hygiene Web site here. 15.0pt">

2.      Low-cost car care.  Sandusky High School’s Automotive Technology School is a great place to get your car repair made.  It may take longer than a dealer or other professional auto shop, but the savings is worth it if you have an alternative method of transportation.

The instructor is Mr. John Brandt.  His office is 419-625-9294, Ext 2754

Does anyone know of any other “Best Kept Secrets” for bargin prices on services or products?  If so… LOG ON and TELL US!!





Getting haircuts/color at a cosmetology school. Elite School of Cosmetology in Norwalk offers haircuts for $8 and color for $15 (really a bargain, when some people I know spend $50 or more to get highlights or color). Their Web site is below.     Tom Jackson wrote a about the FREE TRAC PHONE.  So if you use some social service programs you might qualify.  Check it out at   If you don't throw out a lot of trash, I asked my trash hauler if I could pay less if he only has to stop at my house 1x per month.  They gave me a special tag to put on my garbage bag and I put it out one time a month.   It save me $$$$.  I appreciated it, too!!!!   Walk instead of driving   When you can't walk for your shopping, I use the SPARC.  1 dollar to get to the shopping center that I use.  1 dollar to get back home.   Did you know that if you see the  SPARC and you aren't at the bus stop, but they are driving down the street in the same direction you are going --- wave them down and they will pick you up.  They will still stick to their standard "route", but you can still hitch a ride for $1.00 if you didn't make it to the "official bus stop" at the time the bus arrived.