UPDATED: Meet Your Candidates (and a word or two on the Sandusky Proud Phenomenon)

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Local election info:

From the Erie County Chamber of Commerce Website:

I think it will be re-broadcast on Buckeye Cable and maybe even livecast on the Register?  (Hint, hint?)  If so, we'll set up a live chat...

Kim Nuesse has a fundraiser on the 27th of September:

Deidre Cole also has an upcoming event:

So far, these two seem to be the only candidates out there campaigning.

If you're having a fundraiser (all Erie County and Perkins candidates too!)  send me the info and we'll post it. 


A relative just returned from Parker Colorado with some interesting footage of a large impromptu gathering at one of Parker's downtown parks:

She said the locals go to the park, toss out a blanket and "hang out."

Me:  So what was the occasion?

Her:  Nothing in particular.

Me:  So they just hang out in the park?  For no reason?

Her:  Yep.

Me:  All those people are just down in the park for no particular reason?

Her:  Yep.

Yes, they've got the Rockies, but we've got the Great Lakes!  So why doesn't Battery park look  like that on Friday, Saturday,  and Sunday?

Sandusky Proud, why don't you put that together?  Start taking your families down to battery park and have "blanket parties."  Don't organize anything other than a time and a place.  Good company, a feeling of community...maybe people would start to see eye to eye on issues that the city faces.


Sandusky Proud can focus on the good things, and the skeptics can ask the tough questions.  Acknowledge the good things but don't deny the problems.  Improvement should be the goal - not acceptance of low standards.  Can we at least agree on that?




 The Campaign Disclosure for the Cole for Commissioner did not appear above. 


"Paid for by the Cole for Commissioner Campaign, A.J. Oliver, Treasurer, 1112 Wayne Street, Sandusky, OH  44870"


This disclosure appears on all campaign material.  Thank you.


Diedre Cole, Candidate

Sandusky City Commission