Campaign Websites: We're Not Gonna Beg For 'Em & Stahl Is Running On His Record

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


We're currently trying to gather links to city commission candidates websites.  So far, the only two I've receieved are Deidre Cole's and Kim Nuesse's.  They might be the only two who have sites at this point.  Craig Stahl told me that he's not maintaining a website - because he's running on his record.

For the record, the following email was sent to Bob Warner and Pervis Brown, to which I have not gotten a response:

I post it because I don't wanna hear any whining later on:  "Those guys on the internet aren't fair...they only talk about certain campaigns and it's just not fair!!"   One can only talk about a candidate's viewpoint if he/she is willing to share it.  Every candidate is being invited to participate in online interviews and web exposure.  If they choose not to, that's their prerogative.

That being said:  Cole's website is updated.  And so is Nuesse's.


The big news this week:

Yeah, that whole marina district thing isn't going very well, is it?

Then you've  got those people who hold that craaaaazy viewpoint that city government doesn't belong in the economic development business at all:

A few months ago the public hammered away with the idea that our city government should be more concerned about taking care of the streets than worrying about giving away waterfront property to an uproven developer.  The city heeded as we saw street after street get repaved.  Imagine:  a few weeks prior they were claiming that Sandusky simply had no money for street repair!



I find it odd that the city threatens to close a fire station, but in the legals today I read that they are going to buy a new fire BOAT! And that they passed it as an emergency. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I think it is more important to keep a fire station open than it is to BUY A BOAT!

In that same legal, they are going to improve city hall, replace it's air conditioning and duct work. WAIT! If we are getting a new city building and they are going to tear this one down, WHY DO WE NEED NEW AIR CONDITIONING? This also passed as emergency. We are going into fall and winter in case Stahl didn't notice. Is this really an emergency? I think not.

It is no wonder the city tried a couple of years ago to forgo putting legals into the paper. Thank goodness that was turned down by the voters. They could be doing all of this crap without informing the public!

Karl Hungus-Mr....

But Mr. Cracker, Stahl is running on his record with is coffee pot at his side....we have nothing to be conerned about.