Defending Drew Smith

Chelle Pletcher
Mar 23, 2010


As I'm sure most people are aware of, due to press coverage, Drew Smith is the former St. Mary Central Catholic High School teacher who was arrested last year for allegedly having sex with a student. Mr. Smith pleaded not guilty to his sex charge. I applaud him for this.

  My freshman year of high school, Mr. Smith was my teacher  when he was employed by Sandusky City Schools. I knew him well, sat in a room with him every day, for a full semester. He is not a bad man. In fact, I can honestly say, he was one of my favorite teachers. I am sick of hearing people bash him for his actions. He may have had a relationship with a student, but what people are forgetting is that the student in question was 18 during the alleged relationship. She made an informed decision, as did Mr. Smith. The only thing Mr. Smith did wrong was not waiting until she had graduated, and was no longer his student, to go forth with their relationship. He is not a pedophile or a predator, and he shouldn't have to go the rest of his life with that label.

  Honestly, I know many female students had crushes on Mr. Smith. If he really was some type of sick child molester, he could have had a lot of underage girls. But he didn't. He never made any advances towards any student. Do you know why? He's not that type of man. He's already facing these charges, lost his job, and teaching license. As it stands now, his life has been ruined by a mistake. A mistake that will follow him for the rest of his life. What he doesn't need, is a bunch of people who don't know him, assuming they do, talking about something they know nothing about.
    There are a lot of things I don't believe in. There are a lot of things I don't support. But do you know what isn't on that list? Drew Smith. I support him, because I know who he is, and I know what he isn't. He is not a bad man, and I'm tired of people saying he is. He isn't guilty of a sex crime; the only thing he may be guilty of is having a relationship with a legal adult, who was still a student at the time.
  As his case goes on, I am very anxious to see the outcome, because I know he is innocent. He did not commit a sex crime. And I want it publicly stated, that I support Drew Smith.





I have followed your blogs and know that you have a passion for journalism, and you are fortunate to have this blogging opportunity, and for the most part do it more admirably than your detractors will admit. 

However, I think this case is a good example of "being too close to a story"--you say you know him well, but all you really saw was his classroom demeanor for what , 35-40 minutes a day for about a 90 day semester.  You can't possibly know him very well.  You have more similarities than differences with the girl he is accused of being inappropriate with, and that strains your credibility as someone who can speak impartially about his demeanor.   I imagine some other posters will accuse you of being "one of his girls" or something tasteless like that, and I am not doing that.  I am just saying, from a journalism standpoint, you are not a good unbiased source for information on Mr. Smith. 

Who knows, now that you have publicly made statements vouching for his character, you could end up getting interviewed by the police or a lawyer for either side, and then you are part of the story--not observing and reporting, as a professional journalist would.


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Drew's not a bad guy. However, the only this more stupid would have been to hit the sheets with an underage girl. Ever teacher knows that a relationship of this type is against the law, and they are fully apprised of the punishment that accompanys such action. He made a major mistake and should have to suffer the permanent loss of his teaching license for it. However, I see no utitlty in putting him in jail and/or labeling as an offender, etc.

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the unsilent ma...

Under Ohio law he did commit a crime, is considered a pedophile and a predator. Your right when you say his mistake was not waiting till she graduated. It's a mistake he's more than likely going to prison for. This is a a lesson in self control. Had he excecuted better judgement and exercised self control he wouldn't be in this predicament. I actually agree with you that it shouldn't be a big deal since she was legally an adult and could conset to the activities they engaged in, but the state of Ohio doesn't see it that way. So if this situation bothers you that much you should write your state representatives and complain to them because this weak argument on your Sandusky Register blog isn't going to produde the results your looking for.

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I have to agree with hks. maybe you really didn't know him that well...after all Charles Manson had a whole "family" of people who thought he was a great guy!

sean hillis

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