Sherlock Holmes (Fall Film Preview, Pt. 4)

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


"Sherlock Holmes" is probably the closest thing to a summer blockbuster we'll see in Fall 2009. It's got a bonified superstar in the lead role (Robert Downey Jr.), a smoking hot love interest (Rachel McAdams), a villain threatening to destroy the world (Mark Strong) and an $80 million budget.

Oh yeah, it's got action sequences too. Lots of them.

According to interviews and as evidenced by the film's trailer, director Guy Ritchie ("Snatch," "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels") has decided to focus on Holmes' mastery of bartitsu, an obscure martial arts style, as one of Holmes' main character traits.

In the new film, Holmes fights a Satanist cult leader risen from the dead, scantily-clad women, numerous gunmen, muscle-ripped brawlers and axe-wielding giants. And that's all in the trailer. Who knows what else he battles in the other 90 minutes?

While "Holmes" likely won't contend for any awards like other movies on this list — too much brawn, not enough brains — it might be a nice respite from all the art flicks crashing cinemas in October and November.

Plus, it's the likely beginning of a trilogy. Turns out, Brad Pitt's already been cast ( as Holmes' archnemesis Professor Moriarty, and may even make an appearance in this film. So for the sake of keeping up with "The Next Big Thing," it's probably worth your $9. Check out the trailer below: