Updated With Response From Nuesse: Krabill Challenges Murray, Cole Disagrees With Stahl On Tax Increase

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


A commenter at the Morning Journal:  (since every comment so far on the Register's website has been completely inane)

Krabill is no dummy.  My guess is that he's knows something the average person doesn't and his run is strategic.


Craig Stahl in the Morning Journal defending the proposed tax increase for the city of Sandusky:

Commission candidate Deidre Cole disagrees:


Commission candidate Kim Nuesse also disagrees with the proposed tax increase.  She says restructuring and streamlining need to take place before tax increases.  She claims that financial problems were forecast by city's finance department and that some tax saving measures were reversed after Mike Will left. 

So again:  restructuring and streamlining before tax increases. 

I wonder how much time will pass before a major restructuring of the police and fire departments is set on the table...



NO MORE TAXES! How did Warner and Stall decide 1/4 % whern at first they proposed 1/2 %? Do they even know what they want/need? November can't come soon enough!


If the city is threatening to close a fire station, and it is operating on bare bones budget, who is paying for the beautiful NEW pergola being built at the greenhouse? I wish the we would be informed of things so we don't have to guess. If it is a grant, I want to know that too. I am so tired of the secrecy in this current city government.


Ms. Cole; you have my vote


To Cracker:


The Pergola is being funded by the Community Foundation, which is using a Kellog grant that acts to construct ADA accessible facilties. The grant total was $500,000.


The city has put a lot of their own time and work into this project. Although, I'm not sure if the grant has an allocation set aside to cover that work being performed by city employees.


My guess is the city will close the greenhouse and use it as part of a threat to pass the income tax increase...

Bryan Dubois

Though the greenhouse is not a responsibility of local government, I bet people fall for the coming threats too...


Thank You Tortise.