Campaign Websites

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Allright, campaign time.  

Here's links to campaign websites.  I don't have them all, because I don't know which ones are online yet.

What we have so far:

Deidre Cole:

Kim Nuesse:

If you have knowledge of another campaign's website, please let me know and we'll open up a window in the sidebar to catalogue them.  Like I said:  I'm not sure who launched theirs and who didn't, so don't get ticked just send me the link...



You have two of the three I am voting for. I only need one more.....Where is Hamiltons?


I just checked out Kim's site.  I expected better, something more professional with all the help and support I have been told she has.  It was nice that she had video, but man it looked like the camera man had parkinsons with all the camera shaking and jumpy editing.  It almost made me motion sick. 

Miss Cole needs to make the font a tad bigger on her site it is hard to read, but I like how her website is worded as if she was talking to you.  Kim's website is written as though someone is talking about her, not her talking to us.  Kind of impresonal.  Miss Cole talks issue to a great extent, while on Kim's site it has a section titled "The Platform" that contains about 8 sentences of nothing. 

Before the sites went up I had no idea who Miss Cole was, now I think I will vote for her.  I have to say the opposite for Kim at the moment.

I hope Kim can turn this around, it almost looks as though everyone but herself is trying to get her elected.



Thank you so much jimmydecant for viewing my website.  I have heeded your suggestion and made the font larger, and I hope it is easier to read.  Truth is, I need to use my bifocals myself :)  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just plain want to talk about any issue that is important to you, just call or submit a contact form. 

Thanks to both you and scuttlebutt for your support!

All the best,



Wow, an response from someone on this site!!!!  This must be a first, from what I have seen.  Thanks!!!!!

It is nice to see that while some candidates are talking about transparency, others are actually showing that they practice it!!!!!