FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan gets teased for Vegas splurge

Nov 8, 2011

Well time is ticking. This contest will get interesting in the next couple of weeks.

I've been playing basketball three to four times a week for my cardio. I need to get more weight training in for those extra calories I tend to consume. 

I haven't weighed myself the past three or four days so I can't report it at this time. I'm glad there are so many readers of these blogs out there. I don't know how many people have cracked on me for the Vegas trip. LOL!

I also wish I had a dollar for everytime someone wanted to take my picture when I'm eating in public. The constant eye in the sky makes the contest fun.

–Troy Keegan

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Good luck!


Good luck!


As one of the most awaited festival, Halloween gives people of all age groups a chance to shine. As you might be aware, there are only a couple of days remaining before the celebration. Pumpkins or also known as Jack-o-lanterns were already carved and displayed in many establishments. The wind is obtaining cold as well. In accordance to Irish and Celtic individuals believed, the final day of October will be the day where the night gets longer and also the day will get shorter.

Astronomers regarded this process as transmutation. And while adults are commemorating departed souls of love ones, teens are certainly busy planning for his or her Halloween outfits. If you are a teen and nonetheless baffled of what you are heading to wear, or if you are a mother concerned for your teen, here I present Halloween costumes for teens that are a sure hitter this 2010.

Teens are choosy by nature and we can’t deny it. It’s no ponder they’ve such act because this will be the stage exactly where they began to get aware of their selves. This is also the stage where they’ve their very own crushes. Becoming a mom, you need to spend your complete effort to come up using the very best costume. One question, is your teen a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland series? Why not gown their up with this awesome Mad Hatter outfit?

Mad Hatter was played by Johnny Depp and it’s true that this character is a make. But teenage girls need not to worry simply because the outfits are also available in attractive versions. 1 factor that makes this character so great will be the wonderful hat with imprinted large log. Normally the colour is black but it is also available in other colors such as brown, green and blue. For boys the outfit arrives in plus-size gown with matching checkered pants and fashionable jacket. On the other hand, the outfits for women are reversible. So, once your daughter is very bored of sporting Hatter, she could change to Cheshire Cat outfit as she needs.

There are also Halloween costumes for teenagers that are truly expressive and eye catching like Shaggy of Scooby Doo or Elmo of Sesame Street and lady luck costume. What about a Lady Gaga outfit for the daughter? Nevertheless based on numerous, simple costumes are always within this coming Halloween celebration. Because you are problem for your teen, you could choose the one which will fit on their flavor.

What about a teen punk ballerina, or a baseball player outfit? Keep in mind that Halloween Ladcos8459 isn’t nearly buying the costumes available. Of course additionally you need to use your creativity and imagination in order to arrive up with a truly enticing outfit. Good thing about costumes for teenage girls is that they’re sexy but not so revealing like Minnie Mouse outfit for instance. But when there is Minnie there’s also Mickey and Friends.

Talked about over are costumes which will really stand out this 2010. In the event you do not want to get left out then, start shopping for costumes before they get out of stock. I am telling you they’ll get out of stock sooner than you think. Great luck for your celebration planning. Pleased Halloween!

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