Against the wind

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


I had an excellent week of exercise and a much-improved week on the new nutrition plan. 

With the new plan, I am eating much smaller portions during the day and, although my personal trainer Trevor Tieche would like me to eat six times, I have been averaging four and feeling pretty good about it. 


We are going to make an adjustment to the fat content of my meal plan — Trevor believes I have it a little too high. 

I am going to cut back on some of the extras on my salads, such as the amount of cheese and bacon bits, and I am going to eliminate the croutons completely. I do not use any type of dressing, so I have the salad down as far as it can get and still be a palatable option. 


I am also going to cut the portion of meat and cheese on my sandwiches and eat one-half at a time, along with a drink or fruit. 


My breakfast bar and drink will be supplemented by a protein shake and fruit after workouts. I am going to still try to eat a fairly "normal" dinner and keep my snacks to a few pretzels or Fritos and a diet drink. I have a real salt craving and this keeps it under some sort of control. 


I worked out with Trevor three times and did two other cardio workouts and added a 25-mile bike ride Sunday morning. Great ride, but coming back to town was very difficult against the wind and took me almost twice as long as the trip out. 


We did a heavy set on the bench Monday, which consisted of 25 reps at 155 pounds, 20 reps 175 pounds, 15 reps 205 reps and eight reps at 225 pounds. Trevor had to help a little on the last three of the last set, but I felt pretty good about the accomplishment. I had originally thought that was an unreachable goal — maybe he knew more about me than I thought.