In my daughter's eyes

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


You know that old saying, "Children follow by example." I never really gave it any thought until this morning. I was in my oldest child's bedroom as she was getting dressed for school when we realized her school pants, which just fit a few weeks ago, didn't button. 

I stood there hot as hell and speechless. Then, just as if I was hit with a brick, it dawned on me, "Can't be mad Kristin," I told myself; "She watches what you eat," I thought. 

If she sees me eating junk, then she is programmed to believe that is acceptable. I will not let her suffer with the heartache of weight problems because of my poor judgment. 

We have started eating everything the same. I pack her lunch with healthy nutritional food instead of processed packaged foods. I have also traded in the cookies and candies for fruit during snack time. I believe these small changes, along with a bit more physical activity, will do her and I worlds of good.




I came upon your blog quite by accident when I googled "Biggest Loser". I read several of your entries and feel that you are doing a good thing for yourself & others by talking about your weight loss experiences publicly!! NOT EASY, I'm sure, and I wish you the best of luck!!

As for this blog topic- I think it is so hard to pack good lunches for kids! It takes so much more thought and prep time than anyone thinks. I find myself packing my 3rd grade son the same PBJ, apple sauce, and goldfish lunch each time I pack!! I work at a school, and it's just so much easier to pay w/ a check for the month and have whatever's on the menu. The problem is, in spite of all the schools trying to jump on the nutritional band wagon, the cafeteria food is STILL so full of sodium & preservatives that it's just as unhealthy as it's always been. I remember when things were actually cooked in the cafeteria, not just warmed over. They removed all of the fryers from my county's schools, and said that all lunches will be healthier, but they're NOT. The food that was normally put into a deep fryer is now baked, but the catch is- it's all prepared food. It comes frozen or canned, or pre-packaged. Breaded, over-salted, pre-greased food. I'm a chubby mom, too, and my portly husband was a pudgy kid! We've tried very hard to NOT create a fat little boy, and so far, he's thin!! (but, I was a skinny kid when I was his age- so we're not out of the woods, yet...) Are your kids picky eaters? Mine IS! I know there are some websites out there that help parents get good ideas for packing lunches. Some of them are too FROU-FROU and give ideas for foods that no "normal" kid would eat... or any "typical"  working mom would have time to prepare! ANYWAY... Your blog entry inspired me to try harder to come up with some good lunch choices for the coming school week, and YAY, it's a short week!

Kristin, pat yourself on the back! I also think you're an awesome example for putting yourself "out there" for everyone to see. I'm not sure I would have the balls to blog about my weight issues to  the world. I also think you are an exceptional person for taking in your 1/2 siblings! What made you do this? I would love to hear that story... although it's probably way too personal for the blog. Keep up the good work- and ignore the idiots that try & drag you down! I would like to see a list of their "issues"! I'll bet they're alot worse than just being over weight.

This is an awkward, out-of-the-blue comment, but upon reading a particular blog entry, I'm pretty sure I knew your  ("crackhead") father. I'm a former Sanduskian, and used to be good friends with M.G.!!  I knew him from Middle School, on, but lost touch in the late 80's. Back then, he was a pretty good guy. I'm sorry he took some bad turns in life. Resentment is hard to get past for a daughter!! I know!! I have my own experiences with that.