Marcy Kaptur Goes Hollywood

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


"Money talks," the old adage says, but Michael Moore is pretty loud too. And the controverisal filmmaker appears to get his money's worth in his new film, "Capitalism: A Love Story," a documentary which explores how interbreeding between Congress and the banking industry led to the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street in September 2008.

In the hilarious, first trailer released earlier this week, Moore tries to find out what happened to that money.

"Where's our money?" he asks Elizabeth Warren, a congressional oversight officer. Warren looks stunned by the question and thinks about it for a few seconds.

"I don't know," she finally answers.

Our own U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, also makes an appearance, at least in the trailer. Kaptur, an opponent of the Wall Street bailout, assails the Bush Administration for giving Henry Paulson, former chairman of Goldman Sachs, so much power. Paulson was Bush's treasury secretary, and he was the one who proposed and pushed through the bailout, which ended up saving his old company.

"Everything was being handled by the treasury secretary from Goldman Sachs," Kaptur says. "They had Congress right where they wanted them."

Like all Moore's films, "Capitalism: A Love Story" has a little of the absurd in it. In one scene, an elderly woman who was laid off looks through the classifieds, but can only find an advertisement seeking strippers.

In an interview with U.S. Rep. Mike Baron, Baron shows just how incompetent Congress sounds when they try to explain how none of them saw the financial meltdown coming.

"I went home on a Friday and everything was just fine," Baron says. "I called back after my plane landed in Indiana and all of the sudden we've got this crisis on our hands." Check out the trailer below:



There is another good clip of Kaptur when the Bush Administration responded to the "Global Meltdown".  It was on C SPAN and Kaptur gave congress a serious spanking when she gave her talk called COME HOME TO MAMA.  I loved it.  

We've got a subgroup of Republicans wanting to have a "TEA PARTY" over Obama's leadership, where were they when W. rolled over and led the charge for the banking industry to be subsidized by the tax payers.   To listen to KAPTUR in her "Come Home to MaMa" talk, you'd never guess she was a Democrat.