Craving the treadmill

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


Why is it that some people who are dealing with a lot of stress are able to drop weight like nothing? 

Myself, on the other hand: Not only do I seem not to lose weight, I crave brownies and ice cream like a crazed psychopath.  

I have been working what seems to be like 24 hours a day for about two weeks and the stress is rising. 

I have only been to the gym about four times; my food intake has been OK. I can sense at this point I'm not the nicest person to be around. 

I just wanna go to the gym, run on the treadmill and do some crunches. I know this would help tremendously. 


I said RUN on the TREADMILL. That's so funny to me because a month ago I hated it. I guess it kinda grew on me. Well, gotta get back to work again. Hope these upcoming weeks are better for exercise at the gym.



There are so many people suubmitting information that is inaccurate regarding the landfill generation project that perhaps it is time to set things straight.

First, the landfill flows 500 SCFM of 52% methane. This was tested for over one year. The flare provided the testing medium and verification of the gas flows. While providing this verification, the flare was "banking carbon credits" that will accrue to the County. The value of these credits, to date, to the County is around $70K.  The  verification of the County gas was needed before the developer agreed to make a $3 million dollar investment. 

Second the landfill generator is rated at 1600 kilowatts and has a fuel consumption value of 8689 btu per kilowatt with less than one gram in emissions. It should produce around 13,000,000 kilowatt hours per year. This is why the EPA, LMOP program calls these projects "Turning a Liability into an Asset".  The Liability is the noxious gas emissions, the Asset is combusting these emissions and turning them into energy.  Check out their website.

Third, the project could not be financed if the generator was placed on the landfill. This is because of the environmental liability associated with a landfill placement.  

Fourth, the emission permit was initially assigned to the landfill address because the County failed to provide (after many requests) an address prior to the submission of the Air Quality permit. This was corrected as soon as the County provided the actual site address.

The electricity is being sold to Amp-Ohio a not-for-profit cooperative of over 120 municipalities.  The cost of this electricity will help these municipalities keep their cost of electricity down.  Is this a bad idea?  Don't think so. 

All of the above is a matter of public record and fact.  It can be debated and discussed but rules are rules and they have to be complied with, no matter what we think about it.  There are over 1300 landfill gas to energy system operating in the U.S.A.  Developers are usually always welcomed into the community.  Why is Erie County so difficult? 

The truth is, two of our Commissions are having difficulty understanding the subject matter.  Several bloggers have some very interesting ideas but there is a substantial amount of PRIVATE MONEY being invested in the County and it has to makes ECONOMIC SENSE for the investors and lenders.  The private money invested by the developer in the County is over $3 million dollars and the developer has become a tax paying member of the community with nothing to show for his efforts but derision. Well over 75 sets of eyes have carefully reviewed this project and asked many informed questions and the project was approved by all of those involved unamiously. 

It's no wonder Erie County doesn't have new business opportunities coming to the County! 

The real question is why are Monahan and Shenigo now having problems with this project and are trying to block an already agreed to project? This is a much more difficult question to answer. 

 The total actual income to the County is well over $3 million over the next 15 years. The County does have to make an investment to get the money.  What is the real value of their investment?  The actual return on investment for the County is over 70% not 35% per year for 15 years......  Wouldn't you like to have that rate of return on your savings account? Cleaning up the landfill air emissions and eliminating further EPA mandated site costs while providing income to reduce the landfill debt - Does this really seem like a bad idea???

The blogger that discussed the property and the manufacturing plant has a valid argument and complaint.  The reality is that the County provided the land and only a small portion of it had suitable soil bearing strength to support a manufacturing facility. The Developer's initial contractor provided numbers that simply made putting the manufacturing facilty at the project site inplausable.  It is just that simple.

Now the Developer has two sites in Erie County paying taxes.  The Developer could have stayed in Norwalk and not paid any taxes to Erie County.  The developer would still have been in complete compliance with his contract.  But he made a promise to a certain Commissioner and lived up to it, with no thank you.   

The real problem is with certain Commissioners.

Mr. Shenigo publically stated on many ocassions that the "Carbon Contract" is difficult to understand and therefore a bad contract.  Perhaps only for him.  You destroy methane gas and get a credit for it.  This credit has a monetary value which is traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange.  Say "Al Gore".  The County will benefit more by a generator destroying the methane rather than a flare.  So again what is the problem?  The County wasn't gaining anything before the project developer came along, it was loosing.   It paid past developers over $100,000 for nothing.      

Mr. Monahan clearly stated that does he does not intend to honor his word for this project.  Thankfully a higher authority has told him otherwise and the County now has to honor their agreement.

What no one is being told is that the Developer offered to pick up the enitre cost of this pipeline and buy the flare some time ago.  The County would have had NO CASH invested in the project.  This offer was refused.  A second offer was made to pay for the engineering and the flare at full price ($145,000).  The offer was rejected by Mr. Shenigo and Mr. Monahan.  Two Commissioner's egos just cost the County $145,000. Remember this during the election when you make your vote. 

I don't understand the debate and consternation.  The project is destroying harmful emissions  The County is making a substantial amount of money selling nasty gas.  Two new tax-paying businesses haved moved to Erie County.  Low cost electricity is being provided to communities and the County is making additional money from the sale of carbon credits.   What's the problem?  

Perhaps there are ulterior motives that are obfiscating the realities, could it be?????