Eating well, falling hard

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


I had one of the best weeks I have had since the beginning of this contest. 

My workouts were great — hard, but enjoyable. The eating went well and the use of the body bug was very helpful in giving me an added boost of encouragement. 

It showed that I had a calorie deficit (calories burned compared to calories consumed) of 800 to 1,400 calories every day. Even on the day when I ate more (my double day), I still burned more than I ate. 

I have my first phone coaching session with the body bug coach scheduled for Tuesday morning after my workout. Hopefully, she will be able to give me more ways to use it to give positive feedback. 

I have actually kept the food journal pretty accurately for two weeks, which I have included below. 

We have had our 4-year old grandson since Thursday and that has allowed me to expend a little extra energy. 

The highlight or possibly lowlight of the week was the First Annual Pugil Sticks Contest at Bodi N Balance to benefit the "Wounded Warrior Project". There were about a dozen of us who entered and we had to balance on 4-foot-by-4-inch floats in the pond and try to knock each other into the pond. It was a double elimination contest and I lost twice — not very gracefully. With the exception of one other participant, everyone was younger than 30, and I got to compete against two of the trainers from the gym. 

My performance was not very good because I had a lot of trouble getting balanced and actually fell off the platform a couple of times before we even got to hit each other. I felt like my weight was a disadvantage because when you got away from the center of the small platform, it tipped pretty severely and off you went. 

It was fun and I certainly could not have even tried it six months ago, so I guess I will look at it as a learning experience and hope that next year I will do better. My personal trainer Trevor Tieche had the contest videotaped and will be sending FIT magazine some still shots of me in action — probably falling in the pond. 

I have not been on the scale in two weeks and will be looking forward to weighing in and getting measured next week. My son is going to begin the meal plan next week, so we can support each other as we begin to work toward the Grand Canyon hike next June. 


Weekly Meal Plan



Egg beaters/toast or toast and peanut butter or applesauce/flakes and drink



Protein shake and fruit



One half of a sandwich (bread/meat/cheese/lettuce) and water with Propel Powder or half of a salad with lettuce, cheese, bacon bits, croutons and chicken



Water and fruit



One half of a sandwich and diet soda or Propel with water or one half of a salad of lettuce, cheese, bacon bits, croutons and chicken.



4 ounces to 8 ounces of meat and green vegetables and milk



Nuts/pretzels and diet soda or Powerade