Clyde Disbands Detectives

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Q:  What's the difference between uniformed officers and plain clothes officers?

A:  Their clothes.

Yes, Sandusky is much larger than Clyde - but the idea remains the same.

The Sandusky command staff might be squirming at this idea, but don't believe them when they tell you reductions or outright eliminations can't be made.



This is a bit off topic, but you seem concerned with the shenanigans of the city "leaders", as am I.

I was told the other day that the commissioners can put up to a quarter of a percent tax increase through without voter approval. Probably as another of their "emergency" measures. Does anyone know if this is true?

Could this be why Warner flip flopped again, and suggested they only ask for a quarter percent? He seems to really like closed door politics and "emergency" measures.




No the city cannot vote an additional tax without the voter approval. They reached the 1% level which is the most they can have without voter approval on any level.  At least we finally have the final say in something.