Live Chat Capable

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Looks like we'll be able to patch this live chat together using the Register's livestream of the city commission meeting.   We just threw together a live chat just to see if it would work and it did. 

Just a cursory review tells me that the meetings will be archived on the net - which you can access by clicking on the "menu" button after the live feed goes off the air.  That means that the live chat - and the footage can be viewed side by side from this blog.

More later...




Thank your for furnishing a livestream especially during the worksessions and special meetings.   It seems that the city is taping all the time during special sessions or worksessions and never shows the tape back--what good is that?  Who is pulling the strings not to show these tapes especially when a city employee is being paid to tape but never shows the tapes to the public.  Having 411 as a back up is most helpful so we can stay informed.  I wonder if you can possibly sneak the camera in during executive session? 

Here is another thought to tape the Zoning Committe meeting tonight and the Finance Committee Friday morning.  Talk about boosting ratings on these hot topics.  I feel the people need to be more informed.  What a great service!  A lot of people do not get cable and cannot see the taped version of the commission meeting and this taping helps those viewers.

Are we going to be able to comment after the live feed has been put up so people attending the commission meeting can offer their comments after the meeting is over?




Boogie Man the guy who runs Firelands 411 the same guy who ran Erie Voices or whatever that crazy Web site that Elsebeth was hooked up with? I think it is....I know it is. Can't tell the good guys from the bad guys in this town without a program.

Bryan Dubois

Boogie Man, if you're curious about that rather bizarre time in my life, read this thread.  Any other questions I'd be happy to answer them....I have a feeling you'll disappear though...

Boogie Man

I know what you did, bro. You stole 15 grand from Crazy Lady and her hubby and you also flipped on Crazy Lady to avoid being prosecuted...isn't that the story in a nutshell, Bryan? Oh, and there is some sordid bankruptcy that you're broke ass went through too and some question about your wife or ex-wife  or whatever the hoochie is now working a county job and not paying taxes and it goes on and on. Just go have a drink with Krista Harris and formulate some other conspiracy theory...maybe you guys can figure out who shot Kennedy...what happened to the Lindbergh baby and all the unsolved mysteries that make people say ummh. I've been working on the railroad....

Bryan Dubois

Julie R.

I've been reading a lot lately about that woman you call the "Crazy Lady" Elsebeth Baumgartner and for someone that was "crazy" a lot of the things she said sure have been exposed in the Kim Nuesse case ALONE!  Especially the double-dipping rent-for-hire retired judges that are being paid to FIX cases with our tax dollars!

Boogie Man

Spare me...Kimmie was a terrible cop...she hung with McClung and I bet she got her hands on some of that cash for guns. You just want your people in charge so you can get some cush govt. job. If Nuesse wanted a win in the civil case she would have hired Rhode or Jack Bradley...not some scrub attorney like Bailey.

And if I were Nuesse I would definitely distance myself from whack jobs like you and the guy who runs this see what good ole bryan did for Else. Hey rat,,,do you like cheese?

Julie R.

Spare me also Boogie Man. You sound about as screwy as your name.