Sandusky Bay Pavilion Condemned? Updated With Humbling Correction

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Reports that the Sandusky Bay Pavilion is condemned are false.  The rumors started flying after the following sign was spotted on the fence on the east side of the pavilion:

it's all right there in black and yellow, right?

Yes, but city workers failed to black out the back of a recycled sign which detailed the new rules for the facility.  So when Matt Kline ordered the gates closed for preparation of the Wine Fesitval this weekend, passers-by were led to believe that the facility was now condemned.  Woops!

Not really a big deal.  The  mistake was caught and corrected.

Granted, it's a funny, ironic, unfortunate mistake - but not nearly as ironic as misspelling the word "ettiquette" on the Sandusky Bike Pathway sign:


UPDATE:   Way to go! 

I just wanted to see if you were all awake!   [wink]

Here's how I made this moronic mistake:  I looked at the sign and the word "etiquette" looked wrong to me.  So when I got home I looked it up on and typed in the word "etiquette" - but thought I typed it in with two t's.  The results from the search turned up the word 'etiquette' - which was the correct spelling.  For some reason I thought the web search confirmed the way I thought it was spelled which was actually wrong.

In short:  Brain fart.




I thought "etiquette" was correct. It doesn't have two sets of double t's, does it?

Bryan Dubois

Yep.  Two T's.

Don Quixote

Sandusky used the same spelling for etiquette as the Emily Post website.  Do you think they both got it wrong?  It also works for Webster but neither recognizes ettiquette, I think you made a mistake on this one.

40 Hour Worker

The way it's spelled on the sign is indeed correct.

Bryan Dubois

Yep, you guys are right.   I stand corrected.