What Really Makes Family

Chelle Pletcher
Mar 23, 2010


I was sitting with two of my sisters the other day, frustrated from writer's block. I was complaining about how I didn't know what to write about this week. Jokingly, my sister Stephanie told me I should write a whole blog dedicated to her. I swear she's not as conceited as I just made her sound, and the three of us laughed. My other sister, Fawna, told me that if Steph got one, then she better get one as well. Now of course I'm sitting here and penning two biographies about my older sisters, but my blog is about them, in a way.

text-autospace:none">I am one of 12 children. No, my parents are not Catholic, and my mother didn't have the misfortune of birthing 12 babies. But I still have 11 other siblings. How is this possible? Well, I come from a blended family. If it wasn't for that, I'd only have one full younger brother. But blood doesn't make family, not to me at least. My sisters mean the world to me, but not all of them share the same parents as I do. I have two sisters who have the same father as me, and three that share the same mother. However, I also have four sisters who don't have either parents in common with me. Weird thing is, I never think about the fact that they are not technically my sisters, because for the greater part of my life, they have been my sisters. We may not have the same DNA, but these are the girls that I've laughed with, cried to, sought advice from, and grew up with.

text-autospace:none">My point is, blood doesn't always make a family. I love my biological family just as much as the next person, but my sisters are my sisters, and my brothers are my brothers, regardless of our parentage. When it comes down to it, blood doesn't always mean you have to love, nor does it have any binding on who I consider my family. Family are those whom you love and trust. The people who are there for you in thick and thin, and who have your back in the worst situations. That's a real family. Who would be there if you died? If you were in a car accident, who would come to the hospital? Keep those people close to you, and  you'll understand what I mean about family.