Dear Don Lee

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


I really enjoyed your latest cartoon.

What do you think it would take to change the thinking in Sandusky?

Leaders need trust to work effectively, yet citizens need trustworthy leaders to feel that they don't have to second guess every decision made.  I really think these problems Sandusky faces boil down to communication.  How many time do you disagree or not understand a decision made in local government - but when you ask the decision-maker he explains the factors that went into his decision and you come away from the conversation with a new view of...

1.  The person


2.  The decision he/she made.

Happens to me all the time.  I ask myself, "Well how come the public never hears this information?"  Almost always it's because the decision maker doesn't bother to communicate his viewpoint to the public.  He starts shaking his head dismissively and blames the newspaper for "not getting the story right."

I wonder what it'll take.

Not related in any way shape or form:

I can see it on bumper stickers.

We all have our feelings, and I'm partial.  I also admit that I think she's "hyper-professional" which means you won't get closer than an arm's length - which in this town, under these circumstances, is a good thing.

Police didn't like her because she was a strong advocate of the chain-of-command as opposed to the previous open door policy of the former chief.  Again, in this town, under these circumstances - that's a good thing in a city commissioner.

The candidates are now clear:

1.  Stahl  (re-electable?)

2.  Brown  (mumbles too much)

3.  Warner  (union people like tactless bulls)

4.  Adams  (don't know anything about her.)

5.  Hamilton  (not a good ole boy or an outsider either, but is he qualified?)

6.  Nuesse  (hyper-professional)

7.  Cole  (people like her, as far as I know)

8.  Feick

Let's watch it take shape...



did nuesse buy a house yet in sandusky?


does nuesse send her kids to sandusky schools?


does nuesse work in Sandusky?


does nuesse pay any taxes into the city?


final question...could you crawl any further up her behind?  i know it must be warm and cozy in there, but give it a rest.

Julie R.

So what hind quarters do YOU suggest eveybody should crawl up, Mister crummybuttlord?  I sure hope not Baxter's........he's got so many hiding up his there isn't any room left!

Bryan Dubois

CBL,  if Warren Buffett came to Sandusky and offered his leadership, would you reject it on the basis that he hadn't bought a house in Sandusky?  (And don't come back with "Kim Nuess isn't Warren Buffett "- because I'm asking you to examine the logic of your argument, not come back with a zinger.)


how can you expect me to not come back with this:  KIM NUESSE IS NOT WARREN BUFFET!!!!  ZING!

Bryan Dubois

Yep, I never even saw it coming...   :)

Bryan Dubois

Does Nuesse even have school age kids?

Don Quixote

I don't blame Kim Nuesse for wanting to stay in Sandusky and clear her name even if it includes running for commission.  I also wouldn't blame her for moving and getting on with her life.  I'm not sure she can do both. 

I was looking for her campaign website and found that she has applied for the Police Chief job in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Is she really serious about Sandusky government or is she just making a statement?  She has every right to appeal this decision but she should be honest with her supporters about her plans for the future.

Julie R.

After what this stinking city and the dirty good old boys did to Kim Nuesse I would not blame her in the slightest for wanting to get as far away from corrupt Eeeerie County as possible. Some day hopefully she'll be able to forget it............but nobody in Sandusky will. Count on it.


nuesse applied for a job in TEXAS!  oh boy!  411, you better ask your queen for an explanation.  i will give you 48 hours.  if you do not produce a satisfactory explanation, i will make sure that every registered voter knows this scathing information!  i think that this also discredits you and the register, who would rather see some DRAMA than a progressive sandusky.

Bryan Dubois

nuesse applied for a job in TEXAS!  oh boy!  411, you better ask your queen for an explanation. 

 I don't know Nuesse that well, and I sure as hell don't know her well enough to demand an explanation on her daily activities.  An explanation from me on this topic, you won't get.  What's with the hyperbole anyway?  You act as if I'm an information source on all things Kim Nuesse.   Gimme a break. 

i will give you 48 hours.  if you do not produce a satisfactory explanation, i will make sure that every registered voter knows this scathing information! 


i think that this also discredits you and the register, who would rather see some DRAMA than a progressive sandusky.

That's not what you were saying back on 7/09, crummybuttlord.   This is your quote:

So which is it?  Do you think I love the city - or do I just want to see drama?


Who do you support for commissioner and why?


Bryan Dubois

by the way, CBL:  regarding this alleged job application in do you know this information?


by the way, i still stand by what i said 7/09, but i think that the nuesse saga reeks of drama and revenge...not what is best for sandusky.  the journal reported that the civil service commission found proper cause in the firing of nuesse today, if you haven't heard.  i see that the register still needs time to spin this as some sort of conspiracy or corruption since it hasn't been in today's edition.  anyway, i think i'll be signing off for a while.  the more i read some of the register's stories and some of the unthoughtful, hateful comments, the more stressed i become...and we all know that stress leads to heart disease...and judging by the direction this town is heading, that's the last thing that i need.  you and i should still be friends despite the difference in opinion.  CRUMMYBUTTLORD SIGNING OFF!!!

Bryan Dubois

Crummy,  the Register is probably just behind the 8-ball.

I see Gary Lyons also applied for the job.   Why is there no honesty when people talk about this situation?  Nuesse's life was dismantled - and she's trying to put it back together.  The chief's job in Corpus Christi was probably posted on some law enforcement jobs website and everyone across the United States who was willing to relocate given the chance to be a police chief probably applied.  I don't see the big deal.  If you're going to apply this standard to Nuesse, apply it to everyone else too.  Gary Lyons must not be dedicated to the people of Sandusky either, right?


lyons isn't running for commissioner, but if you want to apply the same standard to him as well, it's ok by me.  i just think you may want to consider changing your button from "no longer an outsider" to "still an outsider, has no roots planted in town in case this doesn't work out, and if i get the job in texas, adios sandusky!"  be completely honest...if you discovered this about any other candidate, wouldn't you have a field day?  didn't i say i was leaving?  i mean it this time.


by the way, do you really think the register is behind the 8-ball on their BIGGEST STORY OFTHE CENTURY!  puhleeeze!

Bryan Dubois

Crummy, you're not leaving.  You can't leave.  You're the only person commenting here worth sparring with and you wouldn't do that to a friend...

Yeah, you're right about the Texas thing.  People do this all the time though.  Consider what Dennis Murray did - and nobody criticized him for it.  Why do you think Nuesse is running for commissioner then? 

Julie R.

Oh my crummybuttlord, such DRAMA!  Your name fits you well........up the crummy butts of the jokes that ruined this city.........or maybe up their SKIRTS.