Dear Don Lee

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


I really enjoyed your latest cartoon.

What do you think it would take to change the thinking in Sandusky?

Leaders need trust to work effectively, yet citizens need trustworthy leaders to feel that they don't have to second guess every decision made.  I really think these problems Sandusky faces boil down to communication.  How many time do you disagree or not understand a decision made in local government - but when you ask the decision-maker he explains the factors that went into his decision and you come away from the conversation with a new view of...

1.  The person


2.  The decision he/she made.

Happens to me all the time.  I ask myself, "Well how come the public never hears this information?"  Almost always it's because the decision maker doesn't bother to communicate his viewpoint to the public.  He starts shaking his head dismissively and blames the newspaper for "not getting the story right."

I wonder what it'll take.

Not related in any way shape or form:

I can see it on bumper stickers.

We all have our feelings, and I'm partial.  I also admit that I think she's "hyper-professional" which means you won't get closer than an arm's length - which in this town, under these circumstances, is a good thing.

Police didn't like her because she was a strong advocate of the chain-of-command as opposed to the previous open door policy of the former chief.  Again, in this town, under these circumstances - that's a good thing in a city commissioner.

The candidates are now clear:

1.  Stahl  (re-electable?)

2.  Brown  (mumbles too much)

3.  Warner  (union people like tactless bulls)

4.  Adams  (don't know anything about her.)

5.  Hamilton  (not a good ole boy or an outsider either, but is he qualified?)

6.  Nuesse  (hyper-professional)

7.  Cole  (people like her, as far as I know)

8.  Feick

Let's watch it take shape...