Hate And Lies On SR.com & How Cool Is That Splash Pad And Farmer's Market?

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Nettiquette requires that you ignore internet morons, but I understand why Dan Kaman wants to set the record straight with "Montegobay" and "Joecitizen."  (My guess is that these two are either cops or firemen in Sandusky, but does it really matter?)

Kaman's response to Montego bay:

So there you have it, Montego Bay.  Call Mr. Kaman before you run your mouth...


The new splash pad is a big hit!  Took the kids down there yesterday and had a hard time getting them back in the van. 

The drainage system needs a little tune up though:


Matt Kline is trying to get into the PR game with the release of the all new CITY CHAT!!

So cool.

Keepin' it positive.  Yeah!

How did I get signed up without asking though?  (Don't know, but whoever signed me up couldn't even spell my first name right!)

No matter how lousy the city is at PR, I'll never leave this area.  This is not attributable to my belief in the goodness of the human heart or the unlikely possibility that Sandusky will suddenly be run honestly and openly by people who behave like professional public servants -   It's attributable to the awe inspiring view God gives us on a nightly basis in downtown Sandusky:

(The view from the Chesapeake last night)

So look on the bright side:  No matter how hard the city tries to run itself into the ground - it'll always be waterfront.

And we'll have Erie Fresh too.  Next picture is the edible greenhouse right down the street from the new splashpad:

That's Lauren Berlekamp on the right.  She and Josh Pribanic co-founded Erie Fresh.  Together they're trying to mainstream the idea of Community Supported Agriculture.  Local food growing.  Urban agriculture.

These young people see a need in the community - and they're working to fill it.  They're exactly the kind of people you want living and working in Sandusky.  The city should be bending over backwards to help them reach their goals.  The whole world is going green and right here we've got two hard workers further popularizing the concept locally.  Josh and Lauren are very involved with the Sandusky Farmer's Market:

The farmer's market is something I look forward to all week.  Community supported agriculture.  What a concept.  For so long this country has been trying to "globalize" but eventually people start to realize that local is better.  This farmer's market brings people into downtown Sandusky every weekend for the purpose of buying fresh food from local growers - so why not give it a helping hand?  Give it a more prominent and visible location to people who visit downtown but don't realize it's there.  Centralize the location so that the activity at the farmer's market is the first thing visible to motorists driving into Sandusky on Columbus Ave. 

Right now it's tucked away at the corner of Market and Hancock in an uninspiring parking lot a block away from the Saturday morning activity on Columus Ave...

...when it could be located next to the city's lush downtown parks.  What a backdrop for a farmer's market, no? The city should consider closing off the one-way street on the north side of the downtown parks and letting the buzz of the farmer's market affect other downtown businesses.  Take an idea that's already working and help it grow for the benefit of all.  (pun intended.)

Just an idea.