Driving me crazy

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


The week for exercise went well as usual — five workouts, one was a 12-mile bike ride on the bike trail between Fremont and Clyde.

text-autospace:none">We were in Columbus over the weekend for the baptism of our new granddaughter, so eating was difficult.

text-autospace:none">I also had a difficult time eating during the week because of the “Cash for Clunkers” program at work. I spoke to lots of people, trying to explain the program. Many did not understand why their vehicles did not qualify or they couldn't get the $4,500 discount on the car they wanted or why their old minivan could not be traded for a new minivan.

text-autospace:none">The program entails many qualifications, as well as required documentation, which helps qualify or disqualify for the program.

text-autospace:none">Spending so much time with people and on the phone led to a lot of snacking just to have something to eat quickly. It did not lend itself to very good nutrition, so combine this with my inability to plan ahead and you have a nutritional disaster.

text-autospace:none">Have a good week. Do I sound stressed and frustrated? I think so — no, I know so.



66 yrs. old and I still am fighting the battle to lose weight...