Workout trash appreciated

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


A few blogs ago I talked about how I found exercise to be tortuously boring and, being the practical person that I am, decided to do something practical as my form of exercise. Walk-jog and pick up trash around different parks and neighborhoods.
It’s been a positive experience for me. It gets me off my duff, I’m active for one hour (sometimes more than an hour), I break a sweat and when all is done a long stretch of city street or a city park is litter-free. And that gives ME a good feeling. But what I found interesting is it gives other people a good feeling, too. People I don’t even know appreciate that I picked up on their street.  Or at a park they are using.
Let me share the comments I’ve received:
At Shoreline Park a man said to me, “Do you do this often?  Man, that’s cool ... Thanks.”
A young woman driving a car at a stop sign — “There she is again. Is she picking up the whole city?”
A middle aged man  —  “Hey, why you doin’ this?”
On Saturday morning I had a woman stop her SUV in front of me and ask, “Who are you doing this for?” I replied, “Just for myself.” She tried to hand me a $20 bill and said, “You picked up my street yesterday, and now you are over here. I want you to have this.”  I thanked her and told her just knowing that this is appreciated is enough for me.
It really is amazing how much area I can cover in an hour. I really believe if we could get 10 committed citizens who enjoy walking/jogging (minimal jogging required) my experience tells me we could really make Sandusky a litter-free community.
So tell me, do I have anyone willing to take me up on this offer? It really is rewarding. It puts a smiling/confused look on the faces of others who see you and then they say nice things to you. What more could you ask for?
(Note to Greyghost - Thanks for replying to my previous blog on health care. I don’t have any statistics on LTC insurance, but I’m confident I can get it. Thanks your suggestion. I will blog about that in a couple weeks.)