No! Not Birth Control!

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Freesia Jackson is an honor roll student and varsity athlete.

But the Virginia teen, who was suspended from high school earlier this year for taking a birth control pill during lunch, apparently has some comedic chops too.

After turning down requests to reveal her identity to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, Jackson revealed her identity during a satirical skit on yesterday's "The Colbert Report."

In April, Oakton High School suspended Jackson for 10 days and recommended she be expelled after a teacher saw her taking a birth control pill in the cafeteria.

If she would have taken LSD, heroin or other illegal drugs, she would have received a five-day suspension, according to The Post's story.

But Jackson apparently took something much worse than heroin — what Colbert humorously terms "Fallopian dope" — because she received the same punishment as someone who brandished a gun during school hours would have.

Check out "The Colbert Report's" piece from yesterday:

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Nailed 'Em - War on Birth Control      

Shortly after the incident, Clarence Jones, the school system's coordinator of their safe and drug-free youth program, defended the school's decision.

"Most people would not know the difference between birth control or some Ritalin or Tylenol or codeine," Jones said. "If they are just pulling something out of their pockets and sticking it in their mouths, we don't know what they are taking."

But Jackson and her mother said the "punishment doesn't fit the crime."

And Deb Hauser of Advocates for Youth, an organization that focuses on adolescent sexual health, said, "To put birth control in the same category as illegal drugs or handguns stigmatizes responsible behavior."

The teenager said she started taking birth-control pills over the summer, a decision made with her mother, her boyfriend and a doctor. The pill is supposed to be taken at the same time every day. So when school started in the fall, she kept up with her daily routine during school hours.

According to school policies, her pills should have been kept in the school clinic. But Jackson said she did not see the logic in making a special trip to see the nurse each day during her 25-minute lunch break. She preferred to take the pill on her own. She tried to be discreet but she got caught.

Personally, I think she got off easy. She's lucky she didn't have a headache that day and take Advil with her birth-control pill. Then we would have to shoot her — it's the only punishment that would have made sense. What a dirty junkie.



Karl Hungus-Mr....

Did you throw that last paragraph in just to see if we really read your blog?


You must be testing to see who's really reading your blog.

Yellow Snow

I have a hard time supporting any Mother, with a daughter with so much promise, supporting daughter's risk of aids, disease, and pregnancy. And she actually took in to consideration daughter's boyfriend's thoughts on this? And to you, Daughter, when do you accept responsibility beyond taking a pill for your actions. That is the Cheap, Easy way out of what you've done.

If this is acceptable high school behavior, what is acceptable in college? A pill to de-tox for a few hours, a pill to rid her self of an unborn child, a pill so this daughter is no longer responsible for herself? This "child" needs to answer to herself, if this is acceptable today, what will her personal morals accept tomorrow.





Karl Hungus-Mr....

Wow, it is pretty sad when people can stand on thier soapbox and smear a lady that has enough responsibility to plan ahead.  This is why this country is in the amount of trouble it is in, even when young poeple stand-up and try to be responsible, people that think that we still live in the Puritan age attack them with wild scenarios.

I would say that in college the pill would still be acceptable.  Just because she is on the birth control pill does not mean that she will be sitting around a hookah smoking hash.