Sorry 'Bout The Hard Nosed Attitude

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Hopefully your first reaction wasn't to post distasteful comments about this tragedy:

Prayers for this child and his family are in order - not inhuman comments and fingerpointing before the dust even settles.


Sounding like a hard nosed management supporter wasn't the intention in that last post, but very little faith exists for fire and police command structure in Sandusky.  This may be an effect from how the police command caused the Nuesse debacle.  How can you trust anyone who handles problems like that?  Police are supposed to be experts in conflict resolution, so what does it say when police commanders behave so unprofessionally (specifically, Phil Frost) and ramp up situations instead of defuse them?  So don't go expecting city residents to take their word for it on budget issues without examining how police are operating down there. You don't give kids free reign with your wallet, do you?

.....uh oh.....

.....I just got myself started on Phil Frost....

In case you never saw this excerpt, it's from a October 31st story in the SR about the Nuesse civil service hearing:

Yah.  Like totally.  Like totally super crazy, I mean, you know what I mean? 

Aside from the fact that Frost purports to be a grown man/ law enforcement professional yet he's acting like a whiny bitch at a hair salon, he says some pretty inane things:

1.  All evidence points to the fact that the entire command structure (the 12 individuals who can't stomach the idea of a chain of command) were out to get Nuesse.  Look no further than the letter they all signed to oust her.


Notice the operative word:  "unfounded."  Nuesse's fears were founded and completely reasonable.  Look at the great lengths the totally, you know, like totally super professional police commanders did to get rid of her.


I'm over it.


What, pray tell... up with that headline? 

Couldn't the SR make a conscious effort to be a little more positive?  Read the first paragraph in the above article and then tell me why the SR couldn't portray the story in a more positive light?

Like this:

Article presents same information - just a different perspective.  (And then the SR can't get knocked for being negative all the time.)

Here's another one:

Read the whole article and you'll see that there's no mention of "sexual hazing" -- at least in the traditional sense of sexual hazing.  I always understood sexual hazing to mean an embarassing or demeaning sexual act that the pledge - or newby - or boot - or whatever had to perform for initiation purposes.  I'm reading through the article and I'm expecting a lurid story of high school basketball players being forced to have sex with whoever - or whatever - but I end up getting conned into reading a story about Huron High B-ball players horseplaying and giving each other mansac tappers.

I feel violated.

Was the cheap headline trick worth it?

So whoever writes the headlines down there at the SR, just take Don Lee's advice before writing another one:

Make it accurate and if given the choice, make it positive.  And for crying out loud we don't need to know every time a b-ball player gives a teammate a mansac tapper.  Are we a nation of mice or men?


Bryan Dubois

PS:  Don Lee should have a blog set up somewhere - or a page - where his comics can be archived!

Karl Hungus-Mr....

I agree with the Don Lee Blog idea, however trust me his plate is full as it is. 

As for Kalahari.  My sister once worked there as a lifeguard.  Surprisingly she did not know how to swim and sill does not.  They told her not to worry because there was no deep water there and certified her.  That is half the reason why I have never taken my kids out there. 

But what do you expect for $7.50 an hour?

Bryan Dubois

I agree with you Karl. 

Posting each comic as a jpeg using the SR's blog format would be a very difficult endeavor and I'm sure that a professional cartoonist wouldn't want his body of work readily accessible to his audience because that just wouldn't make sense.  [furled brow].

Karl Hungus-Mr....

I think you might have misunderstood me.  What I meant is that I can assure you that Don Lee is the hardest working man in the Register building.  He spends so much time doing all of the duties that are thrust (offical and unoffical) upon him that I could see why he would not want to be burdened with the extra task of authoring a blog.


Bryan Dubois

I guess I am misunderstanding you.  I thought you were suggesting that Don Lee is too busy to have the web department create a blog for him and then...

1.  Open up the media upload dialogue box.

2.  Find his completed cartoon on his hardrive.

3.  Select cartoon.

4.  Click upload.

5.  Click "publish post."

That way all his cartoons are viewable on one page, in sequential order ready for viewing by his audience.  He must be one busy individual if that sounds like a difficult idea to carry out...

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Yes, you are correct and I am sure that if some web lackey would get motivated it could be done.  I thought you meant an actual blog with words and thoughts, not just pictures.



Its sad that Kalahari will be found responsible for this tragedy but this young child should never been left unattended and supervised.  We all know how fast children can escape from us.  Accidents do happen but I don't feel Kalahari should be found guilty.


This was a tragedy...accidents do happen...BUT.. I had my son to Kalahari last year to celebrate his 10th birthday..While there, I was in the wave pool with both my kids. We all had innertubes around us..My son got caught in a wave and couldnt get out and was screaming for help..the lifeguard there at that time basically ignored his pleas for help and it took me and my mother to yell at her to help him and all she could do was turn off the wave and ask him if he was ok..I was right there with my kids and look what could have happened. The lifeguard was young and didnt act as tho she really wanted to be there at all..The mother of this young boy was right there with him and only turned her head for a second and yes..children are fast and escape....but after reading the articles in the paper, why did it take so long for the lifeguard(s) to see the boy in the water?  My heart goes out to the parents of this small child..