Sandusky Cuts Police, Fire

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


The city's latest press release:

Knee jerk reaction from Sams:  "The cuts will effect police response time." 

No they won't. 

Cutting supervisory positions will create a bump effect right down into rank and file - lowest man on totem pole gets bumped.  The cuts will not effect response time at all.  If Sams tries to prove this effect by purposely undermining police response time to bolster his case - document everything - place him under investigation.  Find a supervisor who understands budgets and has loyalty to city taxpayers not rank and file police officers.

If Sams can't structure his department to work less with more and motivate his people to do their jobs efficiently, effectively - start building a case against him for "poor communication skills" and get rid of him.

That'll be $90,000 please.


John Doe

If the city is forced to close Station No 3 (which is at the end of Fifth St. by Cedar Point) or Station No. 7  (Venice Road) will reduce response time significantly especially if they get a call to the west end of town and their is a coal or Triple Crown train blocking the RR crossing.  Another bad situation would be a fire over on the Cedar Point Causeway with Station No. 3 closed.  This could be devasting in the case of a fire or fatal in the case of a heart attack or some other serious medical situation. 

We need to keep at the very  least 3 personel at each of those 2 stations and 5-7 at Station No. 1 to adequately serve the basic fire and EMS needs of the community.

Bryan Dubois

Agreed.  But it may not be necessary!  Meinzer may be saying this to increase support for the fire department.

I don't trust Meinzer until I see how the FD is structured.  I know it's top heavy and he should be talking about cutting supervisors before closing stations.

Also:  Stop granting vacation in the summer time if you can't keep the stations open without paying overtime.  Would a business send it's employees on vacation during peak operating season?


Then don't do it when people's lives are on the line.

This is the problem with Meinzer:  He's trying to gain support by acting as if he cares deeply about his department's ability to respond to fire and medical emergencies but freely admits that his people go on vacation during the peek operating season.  Seems to me that if serving the public was so important to this department the "drastic" decision would be to deny vacation in the summertime instead of threatening to close the station!

John Doe

411 -

You are right about Meinzer letting SFD personel take vacations in the summer.  However, I think he has no choice because of the union. 

I don't know this as fact, so I could be completely wrong about this.  We'll see when the next union contract come up if this is also brought up.

As far as SFD being top heavy.  I don't think so.  They don't have an assistant chief anymore and they are down from 4 to 3 Battalion Chiefs (and one of those is due to retire VERY soon).  I believe those positions will also be eliminated once those men retire as well.  If that is the case, then SFD will be operating with a Chief, Captains and Lieutenants in their command structure.  That will be pretty difficult to operate an emergency scene without a Battalion Chief in charge since they have the most training, experience and knowledge to handel an emergency situation with the most care for property and life (civilian and fire personel). 

I think city hall itself should be looked at much closer and cut there.  I believe that is where much of the top - heaviness (and waste) is in our city.

Bryan Dubois

How many firefighters do we have working for the city of Sandusky?  I'd like to see the entire thing graphed out...I'd like to see the command structure.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Long story short, its time to move out of the city folks.  What other choice are they giving us?

MINE not know what you are talking about.

John Doe

Please explain