Life-changing experience

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I have always said, "Just one time, I want to be that girl, when I walk into a room, all the guys look at." 

I was sure that every man on this planet wanted a thin, beautiful woman. This past week, I was talking with some friends when one of the men spoke up and said, "I only date women 180 pounds and heavier. I like full-figured women." 

I believe at that very moment, my jaw hit the ground. I was shocked, I just stood there. I have never heard a man say he only dates full-figured women. This man is my new hero.

That night, I was sitting at home, and I started to think about my opening statement. Hell, for all I know I might have already been that girl. I may have already walked into a room and men were like, "Wow, look at her." 

Since I am not happy with my weight, I would not know if a man was attracted to me if he jumped up and yelled it in my face. I am very bothered by that. I am disappointed in knowing that I could have possibly overlooked a possible love connection because of my lack of self-esteem. 

If you just sit back and listen to women in general speak, 90 percent of all women are unhappy with their weight — not all of those women have low self-esteem, though. I am learning to deal with my self-esteem issues and starting to accept myself for who I am. This really is becoming a life- changing experience and I thrilled to say I am experiencing it.