Farrar's Powerpoint, Bobblehead Doll, Nuesse, Cole Campaign Websites and Some Common Sense On Budget Problems

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


City budget issues come last in this article.  This post must leave you with the feeling of urgency that city commissioners should've felt a year ago...

City commission candidate Kim Nuesse is launching her personal blog.  She is official, by the way.  BOE certified her signatures last week.  You can find the blog here.

City commission candidate Deidre Cole is launching her personal blog.  You can find the blog here.


Updates coming...

Right now let's thank Julie Farrar for having a sense of humor on the bobblehead thing...

 In order to encourage information flow from the city commission, I asked Julie if we could publish her powerpoint presentation from two weeks ago.  Farrar was upset at the SR's editorial board assertion that the city was doing nothing to improve the city's housing stock, so she responded with a 13 page powerpoint presentation that explained what the city is doing to improve...

Farrar says that the key is making people aware of what the city is doing and promoting teamwork among people who face the same problems.

Two years to get 22 homes condemned and demolished.  This is a long process that requires cooperation from several Erie County offices which include:

1.  Erie County Prosecutor's office
2.  Erie County Recorder
3.  Erie County Auditor
4.  Erie Couny Clerk of Courts
5.  Erie County Treasurer
6.  Erie County Tax maps
7.  Erie county Sheriff
8.  Erie County Common Pleas Court

It's a long process, but the city is working on it.

The rest of the powerpoint briefly outlines other city improvement activities:

Julie is the liason to the real estate investors group in Sandusky which was just started this past October.  This organization is made of rental property owners who get together to share ideas on how to improve properties.  Landlords are attacking the problems - the blight - the condemned homes - and Julie actively works with that organization.

A new program that Farrar is developing is a Mow-to-Own program that will assist neighbors who want to take control of a condemned property in the city.  The program focuses on affordability. This program is in development and policies must be developed before it can be presented to the city commission for approval.

The city has procedures to follow but they're making progress.  Residents have to take the city back - one house at a time.

~~~End presentation~~~

Here's why you should now feel the urgency of the city's budget  problems:  According to Craig Stahl the urgency is now urgent. 

Regarding the budget crisis that the city currently finds itself in:  Has anyone floated the idea of restructuring the police and fire departments in order to reflect the current population level of the city of Sandusky?  (We know that it hasn't - why not?)