Attitudes That Kill Sandusky

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Since I (somehow) got quoted in this article about Julie Farrar, it's getting reposted:

Couple of points here in no particular order:

A campaign slogan of "I do want my city back," implies that a person would have a reason to believe that you don't want your city back.  Bad slogan.

Oh, by the way:  Nothing against Julie Farrar personally.  We're debating issues here, so don't get your panties in a bunch okay "MINE?"

She's not being "attacked" - she's being "discussed."  I would think some thicker skin would be in order for people who choose to run for public office.  Mrs. Farrar doesn't need "luck."  She needs to be proactive - which she was when she decided to do the power point presentation.

Random points from the article posted above:

1.  Farrar says that nobody has a magic wand to change the city overnight.  True.  What everyone has is control over their own attitudes.

If that's true, let's ban the use of the following sentence:  "Sandusky is dying..." 

Also let's ban all variations on any sentence that implies such: "We have a dying city, people!"  "We have a dying city folks!"   Every single person in Sandusky is a team member in a city wide marketing campaign.  If they believe the city is dying, it's already dead.

No kidding?

How do residents know that?  They now know what the city is doing on the housing scandal, but they wouldn't know had Farrar not done the powerpoint.   Open communication is necessary for a healthy democratic process.

Here's a suggestion that I've already discussed with Craig Stahl:

Start a personal blog.

If Julie is having problems with  people understanding all she does for the city, start a blog and document it.  Post a calendar of the meetings and functions you attend.  The blog will sit on the internet to act as a personal message board to pass information to city residents.  Anyone who wants to know what you're up to will visit the site.  The blog can be linked on the city's homepage under your picture and email address.  The newspaper can regularly visit and if you release position statements on issues of public interest - you'll never be misquoted because the Register can simply cut and paste your statements word for word. Be proactive.  The only person responsible for your image is you.   You are not "flaunting" your efforts.  You are keeping people informed of your activities as a Sandusky city commissioner.

And one more thing:  Stop rolling your eyes at residents during meetings.  I hope and pray nobody has to explain to you why rolling your eyes at constituents is a bad thing...

That'll be $90,000, please.



It's coming up on a year that we lost our friend, husband, father..Charlie Downing...There has not been a day that has gone by that Charlie has not been thought of, talked about...or remembered in some way. We still have not nor will we ever get used to him not coming home on his motorcycle or just walking around the house. Annie..we want you to know how much we loved charlie and how much we love you...We miss you Charlie!!!


I think the powerpoint was good to show how things have to go through the process of  the red tape to accomplish the set goal.  All the i's and t's have to be crossed and it takes time.  The problem I am having with Julie is the deliverance of her speech and the attitude towards a special interest group.  She should not have lowered her self to make a point.  I know things get frustrating and you just want to blow off steam but she has to remember that she is serving the public and that kind of attitude should be discouraged when serving the public.  I want to see more of the openness that she tried to project in showing how the process works and explaining more things to the public as they don't realize what all a commissioner has to do and how many meetings you need to attend to stay on top of things.   People just want to be informed by their elected officials and not taken to task for asking questions and trying to understand the process.  No one at the commission table should be making remarks or rolling their eyes in disrespect towards any citizen.   


i think julie finally had the guts to say what many citizens have been feeling for quite some time.  seeing that kind of passion in a commission meeting was refreshing.  just to let you know...most of us are rolling our eyes at schwanger too.  obviously she touched a nerve because now westerhold is frantically attacking farrar.  i think this is the just the beginning of an uprising of concerned citizens against the register's own "good old boy network".