Julie Farrar Wouldn't Make A Very Good Sniper UPDATED: With Long Lost Photo Of PPD SRT Team

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Ask anybody knowledgable of firearms and they'll tell you that the Perkins police department owning a Barrett .50 cal is like the Sandusky police department owning a 50 ft. yacht.  And it would be like the Sandusky chief claiming that the yacht may be necessary for a possible rescue at sea, and then using the yacht on the weekends for "training."   

Who knows: Some day the PPD may need to dress somebody up in a ghilly suit to low crawl down Columbus Ave to get off a spectacular headshot of a terrorist at the Hy-Miler gas station - from the Ohio Veterans Home parking lot. 

Making fun of the idea could go on and on and on, but the bottom line is that a Barrett .50 cal is too much firepower for any criminal scenario a person could even dream up - much less a scenario likely enough to occur that would justify spending thousands of dollars to prepare for.  In our urban environment, if the police can't get close enough to neutralize a target with a smaller caliber, then we shouldn't buy Barrett .50 cals -- what we should do is fire the entire police department for incompetence.

When presidential candidate John McCain visited Sandusky, the counter snipers on top of the building right here:

...didn't even carry Barrett .50 cals.  They carried.308s.  Why is that you ask?  Because in an urban environment, you'll never get more than a 300 or 400 yard shot - the required ballistics to hit a target at that range are easily achieved by the smaller caliber.  Besides:  Law enforcement officers who use discretion when dealing with assassins or terrorists know that collateral damage in a hostage situation is just as much an issue as killing the offender.  In other words:  Why fire a .50 cal bullet which will sever a human being in half and risk the 4 people standing behind him when you can fire a .308 round and hit the offender center mass without harming the bystanders with more than blood spatter from the offender's chest wound?

It appeared that the McClung PPD (as opposed to the Klamar PPD) had different reasons for purchasing said weapons:

The PPD enjoyed playing sniper like a bunch of little kids playing cops and robbers.

Had the above listed website remained on the internet, you would be able to see the picture of the McClung PPD that the Sandusky Register references here:

But alas, the picture is gone.  We're currently trying to locate it, but have been having no luck.  In case you've never seen it:  the picture shows about 15 PPD officers dressed up in black BDU's, each holding either a scoped sniper rifle or a tricked out AR-15.  Some of them (or all of them, I'm going purely off memory) have headset radios and two officers on either end are wearing full ghilly suits - which are used by snipers for concealment.  The caption below the photo described the officers as "operators."  [eye rolling]

UPDATE:  Oliver Hardy just posted the photo in the comments section.  Reposted here:

Like I said:  Tricked  out AR-15s - many of which have suppressors.  It's over the top even by a police officer's standards.

Times are new:

Chief Klamar is fixing the PPD's image, and my complaint of why the Register now thinks it's okay to snipe the .50 cals doesn't mean much because yesterday was yesterday and today is today.  The people who are managing the Register today are not the ones who were managing it yesterday when the .50 cals were purchased.  They should have made it an issue at the time the weapons were purchased but sometimes it's difficult to find a newspaper editor who understands firearms and their proper use.  (Oh heck, even the purpose of concealed carry licenses. Doh!)

Don Lee fantasizes about the possibility of the Erie Metroparks manning the .50 cal....

 ...but I think a more funny concept would be to imagine Sandusky city commissioner Julie Farrar behind the trigger.  Like a silent, deadly sniper, Julie is the Queen Of Subtlety (TM).  If you missed her microphone slamming (literally) temper tantrum at the city commission meeting on Monday night, watch it below.  (It's a long clip - with Tim Schwanger explaining his group's opposition to selling or giving away public park space and public sightlines to Sandusky Bay for the first few minutes.  Julie's Farrarworks start at 5:13)

Yeah, throw the mic down! 

Shrill and emotion driven.  Does Farrar think that blowing her stack is going to neutralize Schwanger's points? 

Again, this is another way the city of Sandusky fails in public relations: Farrar refuses to acknowledge Schwanger's valid viewpoint. 

As far as dealing with businesses who take their proposals to Perkins township:  Sandusky needs to make it clear to businesses seeking to capitalize on the waterfront that economic development is best served at a city-level by preserving waterfront access.  If a business wants to eat up the waterfront and block sightlines, they are doing so at the detriment of the entire city - and themselves when one considers how gobbling up the public resource prevents the overall growth of the city.  This is a perspective problem.  Public waterfront access is an image thing that nobody expects a government hack to understand. 


Oliver Hardy

Hey Firelands411,

Since you think that I am a conspiracy monger, I am only posting the photo for the benefit of the SR readers.

I also left out the names of the officers in the photo.

Bryan Dubois

haha..  Okay, well thanks.  That is indeed the photo...being a conspiracy monger doesn't have anything to do with it, so I'll let it slide.  :)

Oliver Hardy

Here is the music that went with that SRT photo that used to be on the Perkins PD web site.


Bryan Dubois

Now that we have the photo, let's review the outfitting of these officers:  Tricked out AR's - 6 of which have suppressors - McClung has a dual magazine on his.  Each AR has a red dot site the mounting system on each of these weapons is expensive - especially with the flat top version of the AR which each of them have...unbelievable.  Notice the two on the end are carrying their Barretts.  The guy in the back second from left looks like he's holding a suppressed .308.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

If I remember correctly those guns were not AR's.  They were made especially for Perkins P.D. by Springfield Armory, not by Armalite so they could not be AR's.  I remember there was an entire section on the website devoted to all the special options on the rifle.  I should have saved a copy of that website.

As for the .50 cal rifles, I am sure that Ol'Tim has a simple explanation for those.  Like the fact that a .50 cal round can peirce and engine block and stop a fleeing vehicle, or a local ariplane that flew over a football game.  You know that McClung was thinking it at the time.

As for Farrar, I hope she watches herself and realizes what an idiot she is.  If an old folks home was built downtown she thinks that Surf's Up would still be open?  Not to mention this boom in dry cleaning business.  Who voted for this lady anyway?


Oliver Hardy

To Mr. Hungus,

I am not sure what information from the former Perkins PD web site that you are referring to. Perhaps the following?

The Perkins Township Special Response Team (SRT) is a highly trained team of senior officers that are skilled at high risk warrant service as well as responding to high risk calls of police service. The team is trained by instructors known throughout the nation and is equipped to handle most situations. The team consists of twelve operators which is normally split up into two six person teams, three snipers, and three hostage negotiators.

OPERATORS: Operators are skilled in high risk operations and building entries. They wear special body armor and tactical uniforms to aid them in quick movement. Our operators use thier issued sidearm manufactured by Springfield Armory's Custom Shop (a special thanks to Dave Williams and Jason Chambless for doing such an excellent job on these guns) . The weapons are inscribed with the team's motto - "In moments of peril , the brave shall heed the call" . These weapons are state of the art and are very well built guns. The XD tactical model is carried by all SRT members, including snipers, and is a favorite of all the guns issued. All Operators are issued Colt M--4 Rifles, equiped with illumination devices as well as Aimpoint Comp ML2 red dot sights. Four of the operators are trained with and issued secondary long guns, Springfield Socom 16 rifles in .308 caliber, again custom built and tuned by Springfield's custom rifle shop, Thanks to Mr. Dale Rader for all of his help and dedication. All of the operators are cross trained as less lethal specialists and are enabled to employ the use of less lethal munitions during high risk events. Collectively our operators have over 100 years experience in law enforcement.

SNIPERS: Although the term sniper is depicted as a negative image in the media, we are proud to say that snipers have been an integral part of America's history through the military. In the late seventies law enforcement found use in training some of thier best shooters in this field to help with observation techniques. Usually deployed with SRT or SWAT, snipers are more of an information gathering tool rather than a lone gunman taking peoples lives. Snipers are deployed to help observe a situation from a distance and to communicate these observations to team members on the scene. Often, snipers will save lives at a tactical event without firing a weapon, but by diseminating information to law enforcement officers at the scene. Our snipers are issued Remington rifles equipped with scopes. The snipers train every month whether it is shooting at a range, dry fire techniques, or deployment training. Our snipers have been trained by the FBI in basic and advance sniper techniques.

LESS LETHAL SPECIALISTS: Less Lethal Specialists are officers that are trained to utilize less lethal force options when availible. Not all events can be considered for less lethal options, however when the event may be determined to be de-escalated with less lethal options we are prepared to utilize them. We have three Less Lethal trainers on our department that have been trained by the nations farmost less lethal experts, Armor Holdings Inc. The three trainers have trained other departments, all Perkins Police Officers, and the Perkins SRT team. We have a wide variety of options from blunt force projectiles, indirect hit projectiles, to the use of chemical agents and O.C., and bean bag rounds. It is important to us that the public understands that less lethal options are not always availible or appropriate for every event. These items are not readily availible and take time to make ready and deploy. Also sometimes an event will not allow the use of less lethal options due to the inherent risk involved.

HOSTAGE NEGOTIATORS: Hostage Negotiators are very useful to help diffuse high risk situations. Our Hostage Negotiators are trained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in both basic and advanced areas of negotiation. Our department has three negotiators.

TECH SPECIALISTS: Often seen in movies, Tech Specialists are the officers that deal with electronic devices. We are not talking about bomb technitions, but officers that are trained in the use of special electronic gear that will help in the gathering of intelligence during a tactical deployment. The Perkins SRT team has several electronic items that may be deployed during an event that will help gather vital information to help make important life saving decisions during the event.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Ahhh, thank you, I had the pistols and the rifles confused.  I was sure they were not Armalite though, Timmy would not mess with anything that cheap.   I am sure that an Armalite to Tim would be like a Highpoint to me.


Do you also have the quote from the website where Tim talks about Dawson Foster?  Since Westerhold has such a man-crush on McClung I am sure it hurt him to read that part.





Oliver Hardy

To Mr. Hungus,

Let's not be too critical of Mr. Westerhold and the Perkins PD. Mr. Westerhold is a human being that can be deceived like anyone else. I see no problem with the Perkins PD having a SWAT unit but question the amount and types of firearms. I will see what I can do about your request for additional information but currently have much more important things to do.

For a little humor, check out this photo of a SWAT unit which I believe to be in China riding on Segways or some similar copy of Segways.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

There is nothing wrong with Perkins, Sandusky, or even Huron having a SWAT team.  However, using taxpayer's money to have your swat team's motto inscribed into each handgun....that is a bit much.

Bryan Dubois

Gee, ya think?

Bryan Dubois

I noticed the PPD carries the Springfield XD's.  Not like those CZ's....pfffft.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

My CZ has been collecting alot of dust since I picked up that Taurus Judge.

I still will say "If it is not Chzekoslovakian, its a peice of crap".  Just as my friends at the Old Prague in Vermilion.



Bryan Dubois

You just have a man crush on Marky Mark, that's really the only reason you bought it...

Karl Hungus-Mr....

No, I am more of a Dirk Diggler man myself....



I am sure she IS pretty aggravated by now.   Geeez...alot of residents of this town are aggravated....like she said...let's watch the tumbleweeds blow.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

She is a tumbleweed and she does blow.

Oliver Hardy

Mr. Hungus,

You made a wise decision with the Taurus revolver. Keep it simple. No safety or jammed shells to worry about.. If one round fails to fire, fire again. Also alternate the chambers.

You are a "Dirk Diggler" man???????

Why Mr. Hungus, I didn't know that you are that kind of guy. What does your wife has to say about that?

Awww Crap!!!

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Karl Hungus-Mr....

Alternate the shells is how I do it.  Even though I have a CCW permit I assure you I do not want to kill anyone.  With the Taurus the shotshell will get the attackers attention without killing him, however if he wants to persist then a 44 long colt is next.  Likewise with my CZ 40 S&W the first 2 rounds are low powered normal rounds while the other rounds in the clip are high powered hollow-point police rounds that I get from a police dept. down south.