Trash your old workout routine and help the city

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I’m a very practical person.

text-autospace:none">It’s evident from how I dress (I can’t do heels), what I drive (Ford Focus station wagon.  I have no children.) and where I live (I have a 100-year warranty on my roof and it’s super cheap to heat).  At work I copy things on the clean side of printed paper. All of it practical. 

text-autospace:none">So, I started a new exercise routine that is also practical. You see, exercise for the sake of exercise bores me to tears.   So I decided to do something practical for my exercise.  I do a “walk-jog (minimal jogging, though I must admit)-trash” exercise routine.  

text-autospace:none">Here’s how this exercise routine works.  You have to wear loose clothing.  (No Spandex please, especially if you are overweight.)  You’ll need a good pair of jogging shoes, a latex glove and a Hefty Tall Kitchen trash bag.  You  have to walk at a good clip and when there is some distance between litter point A and litter point B, you have to jog. Nothing fast — just enough to help you break a sweat by the end of your exercise/trash route.

text-autospace:none">If you think about it, it’s not a bad routine.  Lots of variety.  It causes you to walk, jog, bend and lift.  (Well, OK…maybe the better word is “carry” — as in carry a bag of trash.)  It’s almost as good as a Nautilus workout at a fraction of the price!  One of my exercise routes is Third Street to Lane Street to First Street and all the way down Meigs Street.   By that point my trash bag runneth over.  So, I dump it at the police station trash can.  (I noticed someone weed-whacked the weeds growing up the side of the police station building.  It looks much better.  Thanks to whoever did that.)  Then I will head down Washington to Hancock to the park across from CVS.  I dump my second bag of trash at that trash bin.  Then on up to Warren Street to one of those side streets that will lead me back home, where I dump my third and last bag of trash.  It takes about an hour.

text-autospace:none">Being the practical person that I am, I got to thinking that if we got enough people to participate, we could turn this  into an economic development event and involve Oprah or Dr. Phil.    All we need are 30 people who want to lose weight and clean up their city — all at the same time.    Each participant would have to commit to a “weigh in” (all kept confidential until the end of the event) and to doing the “walk-jog-trash” exercise routine for one hour every day, five days per week.  We could take before and after pictures and compare each participant’s progress. We’d do the same with our city – how does it look now – compared to how it looks at the end of October.     

To register, just comment below.  


Yellow Snow

Sue, your workout is a wondeful way to help, but I don't think you can deposit your trash at any store with a trash receptical.  They do pay for trash removal.  I would take the colleced trash home and put it in with my own.


Sue, You should get the local trash companies to sponsor "work out teams".  Get a team of 5 or 6 people (let's call it the Canfield-Hartley Team) in the same section of town.  They would wear Canfield-Hartley T Shirts and those who want to lose weight would commit to walk-jog-trashing work out for 1 hour/day, 5 days per week. 

They could all "weigh-in" and the team the loses the most amount of weight and the collects the greatest number of pounds of litter woudl win.

I think each member on the team should win a cruise for themselves and a spouse.  At the cruise they get to sit at the dining table with Oprah.  I'd sign up!  I need to lose 10 or 15 lbs.

This would make the news and bring positive attention to Sandusky and its people.



Anyone wishing to get their exercise this Saturday, there will be a neighborhood cleanup this Saturday at the rear of the Old Memorial Hospital from 9:00 to noon.  We would love to have you or anyone else come on down and help pick up trash.  You may be partnered up with a commissioner and where else can you bend a commissioner's ear for three hours. 

Annie Zelm

SUE DAUGHERTY:   Allow me to clarify.  I don’t dump my second bag of litter at CVS.  I dump it into the trash bin at the park, located across the street from CVS.